making wmv1/7 and wmv2/8 selectable in virtualdub without ffdshow


a couple of years back when i was noob a was searching for help on the vdub error about not having a vfw codec for wmv7 and wmv8. I hate having to install ffdshow just for this issue. After going about 7 or 8 pages deep in a search i came across a thread on a forum i don’t recall which started with the usual problem but at the end somebody popped up and stated 'Simple, just download wmpcdcs8.exe (media player 8 codec package) and the installer for either 7.1 or 6.4 ( I sure it was one of those, not the 9 version). He then said to extract the files into separate folders and delete a couple of files (msaud32 is the only one I can remember) and the copy and paste into the other extracted installer folder and run that setup or inf. Seemed awfully simple. Took about 5 mins to find wmpcdcs8.exe. I followed his steps and opened the compression menu and right there at the bottom it showed wmv1 and wmv2. I never had any problems opening playing or encoding those two after that. Unfortunately I had to reformat for some reason and have been searching for that thread ever since. If anyone with knowledge of these packs and what needs to be switched could could spare a little time and effort a great puzzle would be solved and they would earn many noobs and my undying praise and gratitude.

Thanks in advance,

chuckt67 reply

Well, flv and avi need to be converted in order to be used by wwondis media player. There is a codec called ffdshow search it up on yahoo.Well,there is unfortunately no program but wwondis media player to add the songs/videos to your device. An alternative is drag and drop the files onto the player in the videos section.Hope this helps Regards,mrseal2000References : reply


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