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I have some movies that are iso files and I would like to make them into avi files.

Can someone point me towards the correct tools and procedure to manage this?

Thanks. reply


if u use a program called “dvd to avi” it will work but not the best quality. hope this helped reply


Thanks. I will try it. :) reply


i have been fooling around with trying to convert iso to avi also. like i said earlyer using dvdto avi works but not good quality. now i found a program that u can convert them with good quality but unfortunatly i cant get it to do the whole iso file i could only convert clips of iso whitch i was trying to do in the first place. if you want to fool around with this program do a google search for FlaskMPEG and download the program it work pritty good depending on what you want to do. ohhh and its also free unlike dvd to avi. reply



Hey guys you’re going on wrong way! Iso is an image file and never is going to be converted in whatever format you like.First use any iso tool like MagicISo or IsoBuster or Ultraiso and so on extract the mpeg from your file and convert it to whatever. reply


I tried Isobuster and I think I got it to mpeg1 format. But there is something strange going on.

There is an image which is a blue screen and it seems to be a video channel. Then there is the actual movie video channel.

On top of that, it does not seem to have a recognizable audio track (although I can hear audio). Avicodec says it has no audio but windows media player plays the movie with sound.

So what I am looking for is a step by step solution because strange things are happening along the way from iso to avi. LOL reply


Here is a guide for a bin which is very much like iso, try the site for more questions: reply



U could use winRAR to extract the files from the ISO and then use any VOB 2 AVI (Or w/e type of movie file is in the ISO) program. U can use the trial version of winRAR which is located at There are no programs that can convert ISO to AVI with good quality, so i suggest this. reply


Here is a list of programs u can use to convert the MPEG file to AVI

Download MPEG Mediator(Free) and use either the Divx Codec(Will give u the Keygen if u want) or the Xvid Codec for the best quality (I think the Divx 6.1 codec is the absolute BEST, and there is a 180 trial of it at

WinAVI (Not Suggested, but very easy)

How to use MPEG Mediator

Press File, Open, then Select your MPEG File/s (This supports multiple VOB’s).

Click Output, then Configure Plug-in and click which ever Codec u downloaded (Xvid, Divx)

When selecting the Divx Codec, u will see the a little box labled “Configure” on the right hand side, click it and select the profile u want, If u want to convert ur movie full screen, then i suggest u put 3,000-4,000 in the kbit/s box so u dont loose quality.

Nest, u will see three sections Main, Codec, Video (U are automatically in the main section). Click the Codec section and in encoding mode, click Insane Quality, for the best quality. Then Press ok.

Now u will see the audio codec (I suggest u download the Lame Encoder for mp3) and once u have the Lame Encoder, move it to 128kbps and have High Quality Compression Checked, then press ok.

Now, Click Output again and click Set Output File... and save the file where u want and press ok. Now click Start, and Convert All Frames.

Now a Box will show up telling u the progress, to watch the video, under display (This is in the box that popped up) click Every Frame, and u will be able to see the video as it is converted.

Once it’s dont u have an AVI, yayness for u reply


I have been doing this the long exspensive way! Using all free programs, but using lots of DVD’s

1- I will create an .iso image using DVD Shrink (an excellent free program)
2- burn the selected .iso to a DVD using DVD decrypter (another free one) By the way, these 2 programs are the best out there and work seamlessly together, IMO.
3- I will copy the .vob file to my hard drive.
4- I use a trial version of imTOO MPEG Encoder to convert the .vob to an .mpeg. The imTOO will only encode 5 minutes, so it’s no good for movie length files. I am only trying to make a custom DVD with my favorite music videos, so most of them are under 5 minutes, if they are not I usually break the original .iso into 2 parts.
5- I am using a video editing program to convert the .mpeg to an .avi! Whew!
Now with the MagicISO trial program I can open my .iso file and just drag and drop the .vob file. At least I don’t have to burn a ton of dvd’s for nothing! Thanks Aubrey for the link.
I just figured this long complicated process out one night when I first started doing if there is an, pls let me know!! reply


you can try using Daemon Tools (also free) to mount the .iso image rather than burning it. Other than that I am looking for a better way to convert the DVD’s to smaller .avi files for travel. reply


i wish i found this thread reply


I use a combination of DVDShrink and Alcohol 120%
[im trying to make a library (using my friends DVDs)]

I rip and burn using DVDShrink, it pretty much owns

btw DVDDecrypter is pretty good too
(for getting rid of gd other language subtitles and menus and $hizit3) reply


i tried using daemon tools....but i couldnt figure out how to use it. It’s not user friendly. However, can someone tell me what your supposed to do after you mount an ISO file on daemon? I have an iso image file (movie) i’ve been trying to watch/burn...but cant. reply


Aubrey wrote:
U could use winRAR to extract the files from the ISO and then use any VOB 2 AVI (Or w/e type of movie file is in the ISO) program. U can use the trial version of winRAR which is located at There are no programs that can convert ISO to AVI with good quality, so i suggest this.

THANKS A LOT!!!! IT’S WORKING!!!!! reply


I use deamon tools to watch my iso images on the computer. It works well and once you mount the image you need to open the file with like nero show time. If you select the drive you will see that there is now a “another drive” with your mounted movie. Select this drive and the movie will start to play..

Hope this helps nikigirl reply


If you mount your iso on daemon tools then go to the drive you can just copy/paste the files to your hd. Once there you can use whatever program needed.

I have vcd’s in iso, i just mount the iso image then pull out the .dat file, then use something like vcd -> avi. Once you mount it just go to my computer and explore the virtual drive like a dvd, do what you want from there. reply


hi i got an iso file and used MagicIso to extract it and in the mpeg part there is a dat file.

What do i do now? reply


Ok can someone tell me how to use daemon tools?

I mounted the image and there are 4 folders:
-Ext with 2 vcd files in
-MPEGAV with a dat file in
-Segment with nothing in
-VCD with 4 vcd files in

What do i do now????????? reply


If you just watch to watch an ISO on ur Hard Drive VLC media player will do that. (without the mess of mounting etc.) And it is an excellent video player reply


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