How to edit .csv or .bin files for iOS

posted in Encoding

I would like to know how to decode a .csv file or .bin file to where I can read it, and then how to edit it where it won’t crash the game. The certain file I am looking at looks like unicode. a small sample is:

]  ¾ÿ 1ÄBì$Yc¹Ž=O8¤rC1Â2zÞvxœ"=J³ø°OrÔîXÃîWk²ÏÊ"o…<€Á Ó?°i!Ì’¢C¿U f]€»¶oL”·‘›kW“ã~«-oþ"{ÂéMözP• ^É][í%¤˜2DNê‡ü]ÁG¥ AÃR5qp

And I can definately not read it nor can I edit it for that sake. This comes from the game “Clash Of Clans” and I just want to know how to read it and edit it to the way I would like it.


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