How to convert .MOD files to mpg, wmv, or avi.

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Hi there, i am using a JVC MG330, and having a nightmare with .MOD files, as everyone else seems to be. I have searched the internet thoroughly for a converter that is free and does not give a loss of quality to the converted video, but i have come out empty handed. I am seriously considering selling my JVC, this is a waste of time and money.

Does anyone know of any software that will simply converter these stupid .MOD files so i can use them in Windows Movie Maker, which for what its worth, is a pretty bad programme in itself. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have searched numerous forums and no one of is any help, please prove me wrong.. reply

Surely you’re joking about not finding anything about this.
Some of the most bloated threads on this board are on nothing but that very topic

Didn’t the camcorder come with any software? If not, install it first and make sure the file plays in Windows Media Player.
If that checks out, rename the extension to .mpg and WMM should be able to read it (disable hide file extensions in folder options).

If the camcorder didn’t have any software, get some MPEG-2 decoder (GPL MPEG-2 decoder, ffdshow-tryouts (have to enable it in the settings), or some of the pay ones) or DVD playback software (WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc...), then rename the file extension to .MPG reply


I dont doubt i havent found anything, I have found information, its just useless. People directing me to websites with .MOD converters with 'free-trials'.

The camcorder came with software to play back with and display videos, but not to encode into different file formats.

All other converters i have tried (such as converting to mpg or avi) lose quality after converted, and are of no use. Not to mention they all have 'free trials' putting a watermark and 30-second limit on my file.

I have tried renaming file extensions, and although the orignial .MOD files do play with PowerDVD or Windows Media, when imported to Windows Movie Maker they only play the audio, no video.

Im not familiar with what an MPEG-2 Decoder is..? Could you possibly explain?

thanks very much. reply


I have a mac,when I face the .mod video files,I usually burn them to a dvd. reply


hi, I recommend you use Nidesoft video converter to convert videos. this converter can convert all formats videos including mod files. you may try it and follow the guide on my signature to do it. reply


Suggestion: have a try E.M. HD Video Converter. It is a wonderful video converter that lets you not only convert your favorite videos to various HD (high definition) video formats like HD WMV Video, HD DivX Video, HD Xvid Video, HD H.264 Video, HD Quick Time Video, HD MPEG4 Video, HD FLV Video, HD TS Video, etc. but also create Blu-ray folder for PS3 and Blu-ray player. besides, E.M. HD Video Converter can easily burn all videos and AVCHD (mts, m2ts) to DVD, DivX DVD.
Lots of my friends always use it.hope you could like it,too! reply


For free you have
Isquint and mpeg streamclip

If you want to pay there is
quicktime pro and mod converter reply


This is probably on equal terms with fmoart factory though i literally just had an issue with ff that the vids just stopped converting so i use this instead. i reckon fmoart factory should definately be considered in view of the fact that there is a time at the bottom which is really helpful. reply


The MOD format is a kind of older format captured by some camcorders. And there are not so many third party programs on the market can help you to do the conversion work. However, you can turn to Brorsoft MOD Converter to transcode your videos which is designed to deal with MOD files well. reply


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