How to convert .mkv file to .avi file?

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Hi, I have a problem with .mkv files. I have some videos which are in mkv format that I need to do editing for my project. But the video editing software I currently have does not recognize .mkv files. Is there any good .mkv to .avi converter on the web that is free and good to use for large files? Many thanks. reply


Use MKVExtractGUI to extract video, audio and subtitle from MKV files.

Then, you can multiplex (join) all those elements together with VirtualDubMOD.



Let me know if you need help with VirtualDubMOD. :) reply

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I downloaded the mkvextractgui and the mkve wizard zip files and unzipped all of them under the mkvextractgui folder (including Matroska.dll and MKVE_Wizard). But when I run the Demux Tool (the one with icon), its says 'mkvextract.exe' and 'mkvmerge.exe' files are required. Where do I get these files? reply


hi my media player wont let me play some films its just sezs need more than 1 codec to run this film plz help thanks reply



@ Kusanagi

Sorry about that. I forgot that you need another program named MKVtoolnix to use with MKVExtractGUI.

After installing MKVtoolnix, unzip MKVExtractGUI to the same folder where MKVToolnix is installed to.

Taken from its site:
MKVtoolnix will evolve into a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files(mkv). These are command line tools but mkvmerge GUI is included (mmg.exe). Use MKVExtractGUI to extract/demultiplex mkv video and audio files.

Download MKVtoolnix:

Unicode enabled (Windows NT, 2000, XP or newer):

non-Unicode (Windows 95, 98 or ME): reply


i am tring to convert my mkv video to avi and when i try to open it with virtualdubmon an di getting this error:

Couldn’t locate decompressor for format “yyyy” (unknow). vurtualdub requires a video for windows (VFW) compatibale codec to decompress video. Directshow codecs, such as those used by Windoes media player, are not suitable. Only direct stram copy is avaible for this video.

my goal is not to save space .. it’s jsut to switch the vdeio mkv to avi so i can forward the video that’s it.. i have tried to intstall for codec Video for Windows but its still not working. i ahve install a bunch of stuff as i red on a website such as: oggds0995 mkvextracgui 3ivx lame mp3 etc etc. But the think is i can’T open the file from the start with virtualdub .. so if i can open it at least i will be able to figure out what to do after. Any help will be greatly apprecite :) reply


You shouldgo over to corecodec and dl the splitter for mkv files. They are regular avi files butput into an mkv container. It is actually a more robust format, especially for p2p. It has better error correction, more redundancy to it. You can recode any mkv file with VdubMod, as long as you have the Matroska splitter. That’s what windows uses to Split the file apart to decode and play it.
The OggDS filter is for the Ogg audio format, although there is also a format for video called ogm, but that’s not too common.

topcat reply



I’ve been following the discussion and found myself at a dead end. topcat, i can’t find the splitter you are talking about. i looked around the site but i think my eyes aren’t cooperative.
I’m sorry if i would sound lazy but... would you help/redirect me to the link.
I just cant find it. reply


Stop watching PORN n wank in front of ur PC monitor screen..smoke less less FATTY FOOD n GET ur FUCKING fat S from the couch n do MORE GOOGLE search n U’ll find IT!!!! codecs_and_filters/matroska_splitter.cfm reply

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You can also go here and check out the other programs mentioned in this thread as well as various splitters. reply


Thanks, Qball. I can fully extract the mkv components to different streams. But I have a problem joining up the video and audio tracks together as a single .avi file.
I added the audio in Stream List, chosen the parameters for it. After that I choose Save As..., with direct stream copy of the video. But when I looked at the progress, I don’t see the audio being processed.
Can you help me out in this? reply


Did you let the project finish its conversion? If so, did you play the completed file afterwards to see how the audio came out? reply


Well, I’m still quite new to using VDubMod. Can you kindly tell me step by step how you would normally merge the video and audio as .avi file after you have extracted the components from .mkv file? reply


I’ve read some other topics on such conversions. It seems that VDubMod does not recognize .ogg audio files. That’s why the progress had no audio data processed.
This means I have to convert the .ogg to .mp3 format before I can add it to Stream List, so I can get the video with sound.
By the way, do you have some good links for OGGtoMP3 converter? Thanks. reply


@ Kusanagi

I’d recommend using BeSweet -

It’s a command line program, but you can download and install a GUI to use in conjunction with it like BeSweetGUI (also in above link) OR BeLight -


You can try installing the Vorbis OGG ACM Codec -

It will allow most Windows applications - such as VirtualDub, FlaskMPEG, Adobe Premiere - to generate OGG compressed audio. So, you can render Xvid/Divx compressed video and OGG compressed audio simultaneously into an AVI or Mastroska file within most video editing/conversion programs.

To install:
Right-click on vorbisacm.inf and select “Install."

After installation, you’ll see that VDubMOD recognizes the codec and that you’ll be able to select it as your desired audio compression scheme.

Here’s a screenshot:

Hmm...Have you noticed that all these programs I’ve been recommending to you have been slowly shaping you into a more hands-on movie encoder? ;) reply


i must be really stupid but
i hope you would bear with me

will you tell me where i have to put the

then what do i do next?

i’m new to this stuff

sorry for the inconvenience reply


@ Sasenai

Which operating system do you have? Win98 or XP?

The reason I ask is because the Matroska Splitter comes in two possible versions: ASCII and Unicode.

The Unicode filter will be labeled “Unicode”, and is intended for Win2k / WinXP systems.

Win95, Win98, and WinMe don’t do Unicode!

For the simplest install of the Matroska Splitter in Win98, just copy the “” file to the following directory:


NOTE: Remember that the Unicode version is ONLY for Win2k / XP!

In order to get it working you’ll have to register the filter. Do this by going to the “Start” menu and select “Run”. In the command box type in:


You should see a popup with the confirmation of success or failure.

And that should be it. :)

If you want to undo everything I just wrote, then you must FIRST unregister and then delete the file. Go to “Run” in your Start” menu again and type in the following command:


Good luck! reply


@Q ball

is there any way to add a subtitle while merging the video and audio together.. file format for subtitles is .srt reply



is there any way to add a subtitle while merging the video and audio together.. file format for subtitles is .srt reply


@ Confoosed

If you’re merging the audio and video via VirtualDubMOD, then you can add permanent subtitles to your movie with your subrip (.srt) subtitles.

1. Download Vobsub 2.23.

When you install VobSub be sure to select “VobSub for Virtualdub” and “TextSub for Virtualdub and AviSynth” under Plugins.

2. In VirtualDubMOD open your video.
(If you get a message popup about a “VBR audio stream detected” etc., just select NO)

3. a) Add the TextSub filter under Video->Filters.
b) Open the srt subtitle.

4. Set Video->Full Processing.

5. Set Video->Compression and select Divx or Xvid.
- Install DivX Codec or XviD Codec if they are not present in the compression list.

6. And finally, save your project as a new AVI:
File->Save AVI. reply


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