How do I convert a .bin file from my Wii's SD card to a format suportabel my Windows Movie Maker??

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I have an SD card I use on my Wii. In a game I have called Super Smash Brothers Brawl, u can save replays of 1-3 minute battles. The repalys r all .bin files when I upload them to my computer via card reader/USB port, just like with my other SD card data from the game. I want to know how I can convert my .bin image (replays) to a format that programs like Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker can support.

I want to import my .bin image (replay) to Windows Movie Maker, so I can edit it and all, and so I don’t have to record my video game with a camera. But when I tried IsoBuster and made my .bin image (replay) into a AVI or WMV file, no media program can play it and Windows Movie Maker keeps saying this, “C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Track 01.wmv could not be imported. The selected file is not valid or is corrupted."


I need to read a WII game file that saves itself with the extention: .bin

I want to import it into windows movie maker and edit and use the file

what the program is telling me to do is to install the proper codec

does anyone know who has or where I can download the proper codec.

Please email me the answer to:

Thank you!

I hope to hear from you soon! reply


.bin is an ambiguous file extension. Originally (in the days of the IBM PC XT ~circa 1980) it was used to designate a file that had binary data in it (as opposed to text or ASCII).
Over time, people have adopted the extension for whatever they felt like using it for. The two more common uses nowadays are .bin/.cue (you should see them as a pair) for CDRWin’s CD image format, and for Mac binaries (archives like .zip files in PC’s - use Aladdin Expander to open Mac binaries on a PC). The idea is you need to find out what runs or opens your type of bin file.

I researched this a little and it appears the .bin files on your SD card are called “Wii savegame” files.
suggests that you can trade wii savegame files with other people so they can play back your savegames on their wii. Sites like and programs like the Wii Media Savegame Manager seem dedicated to swapping such savegames...
My understanding of savegames is that they’re saved states; or if they’re a recording, they’re saved times, positions and movements (like mouse, keyboard strokes). They’re NOT video files, and they need the game program to be replayed. In this case they need a wii with the exact game for the save (in your case Super Smash Brothers Brawl). Until you can create a PC emulator for the wii, you probably won’t be able to play it on your PC.
However there is a way to attempt to make recordings. If you have a video capture card, and you can link your TV to your capture card while playing the savegame on your wii, you can directly capture the video to your PC (and later put that on Movie Maker as needed). This would be basically the same (roundabout) process as capturing video from a VHS to your PC.
The “cheap” way if you don’t have a capture card is simply to use a cell phone or digital camera aimed at your screen while playing the savegame and put the recorded video on your PC. It doesn’t look as good, but it does the job. reply


You can only convert Screenshots, since they Screenshots are Screenshots, but the Replays, are like the name says, not movies, but a reconstruction of the movie, that’s why it can’t convert Movie .bin files reply


hi,i can`t get mypc 2 view my super smash bros. snapshots it knows that the sd is inserted and has pics on it reply


SomeDude12345 wrote:
You can only convert Screenshots, since they Screenshots are Screenshots, but the Replays, are like the name says, not movies, but a reconstruction of the movie, that’s why it can’t convert Movie .bin files

Hi SomeDude. How do I convert still screen shots taken on my Wii from the .bin files on my SD card to Anything that can be opened on my computer like a j-peg or what ever. reply


Download moviepod and put it in there, then put that in WMM reply


Try if this trick works or else capture using using analog video
while watching it on Wii reply


How to I view my screenshot files from Super Smash Bros Brawl? I want to put them on my computer to edit reply


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