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Hi. I just picked up the new MP4 watch (Brando). This watch plays mp3’s, JPEG Photos, and Video in the form of MP4 supposedly. But actually you have to convert your vidoes to a ( NXV ) video format using the included conversion software.
I am not happy with the converter program as it makes a 19 mb file into a 136 mb file after the converion. Since this watch is only 1 Gig, it will fill up way to quick.
Does anyone have any knowledge on the NXV video format and does anyone know of a better conversion program for it ???
Thanks, Jeff. reply

Try out these codec options:

1. MKV Codec Pack (Single file)

2. The-Codec Pack (3 files : Download all at common folder and unrar 1st part)

3. XP-Codec-Pack_2.0.5 (3 files : Download all at common folder and unrar 1st part)

[Recommended: ]
1. Use WinRAR to unzip/unrar URL ::
2. Install only 1 codec pack at a time. If you install multiple codec packs, some codecs might conflict. reply


Dear Fibroman,

Tell me if you find something that works. I just bought the 2 G version, managed to convert one video so far. But the other times the converter hangs.

I appreciate HDHD response but what does this do?

Best regards, Al reply


I also have the 2GB watch, I had a friend who is a programmer look at the “converter” it doesn’t do much conversion at all, it just turns the frames to .RAW format and blits them to the screen at the fastest frame rate it can... there is no compression at all- that’s why the files actually get LARGER when you make them half the resolution.

Since .NXV is a proprietary format there’s not much to do until someone writes a better converter.

It’s sort of a shame that such a good device has such bad software. You should be able to get more than a single movie on a 2GB player. reply


i have mp4 which my video format is NXV.But i dont have softwear to convert wmv to nxv. Please give me solution. reply


I, as well, have the 2GB version of this watch. However the video compressor sucks really takes a 699 mb file and makes it over 2.5gb. If someone can get source code for it and code a better one..that would make this watch uber leet #1 geek gadget... reply


You can download an nxv converter from

The “High” quality is pixel-perfect. “Medium” retains the image quality but reduces the framerate to 1/2. (that’d be 12 FPS for a DVD that was originally 24 FPS) “Low” is also 1/2 framerate, and it is (intolerably) blurry.

My theory is that they can’t put a full-fledged MPEG-4 decoder into a wristwatch without some kind of external power supply. The CPU that would be required simply draws too much current for that tiny little watch battery to supply. This is why we end up with a RAW format instead - very little CPU power is needed to display that, hence that tiny battery can run for hours. Sure you could add two AA batteries or something, but then you no longer have a wristwatch but a Video iPod. You could power it via USB, but then you’d need to have your laptop right there, hence it defeats the purpose of having the wristwatch in the first place.

Maybe with 90nm manufacturing we can look forward to low-power MPEG-4 (or hopefully at least MPEG-2) decoders in the wristwatch of the future. reply


Help! my mp4 watch says “NO FORMAT” for no reason. It wont let me go into the mode sections. All i did was upload some more pictures and then that was it. Anyone have any suggestions? If so email me pleaseeee!!! Email is thanks! reply


WatchGeek does ur programming friend know what kind of uncompressed video it resembles like uncompressed avi or something like that? or is it some new format? and if it is how is it formated? these converters can work alot better there just wasnt any though put into it. The programming done for this watch looks like it was done in a matter of days. reply


Hello. I was just wondering where the video file goes once converted? I have a player wherein you put the mp3 files onto the root directory of the player when linked up via usb and the os has no problem finding them. However when trying to play videos it comes up with an error “Empty Disc!" Any clue how to fix this?

I’ve done the .nxv conversion already.

The unit is is china made, about 1 inch by 1.4 inches screen 512mb capacity, no brand just says mp4 reply


The videos are in .nxv format because the hardware itself cannot decode compressed video. Thats what i think anyway reply


NO FORMAT solved
i’ve just had the same problem.

connect the watch to your pc
backup all data to your pc
format the watch with FAT32
check if watch starts again
write files back.

you wont loose the systm by formating
(.. hmm i didn’t )

Mho reply


is it possible to put movies in it if so can u give me instructions on how to convert a avi file reply


my computer does not pick up my mp4 watch any ideas why? reply


ok people i have found out how to putt movies and whatever eles u want ect well for videos that is lol...

get divx pack and make shure it has divx converter u can use some kind of key crack or download it as a torrent what i do is go to and look for the divx key this site has almost evry key for almost everything.

ok so once you have it yous the divx converter and convert what you want in to qmobel. when the converter progame is runing you will see 2 buttons on the bottom left or right just click till ie says qmoble..

ok so once converted yous a program like wincostomize witch i got from a torrent site and covert the qmoble file that you have done befor and convert it to avi ..

ok so for some reason or whatever the nvx program that come with the watch will only work with avi so youse it and when the avi is converted to nvx or rar file just putt it in your watch but im shure you dont need me to tell you that lol lol hope this was some help to some people ...

btw or fyi im a bad speller and tyeper in know but dont care ok aloha all good luck.... reply


how do i convert a video file to nxv with a mac computer?
i got a video watch but i cant use it. reply


I have two problems.

1) How to convert bought dvds so as to get them onto my watch. My computer refuses to read them for copying (copyright? I only want to watch dvd’s I’ve bought)

2) When I try to convert a file I from my DVD recorder the file plays fine on my computer but as soon as the conversion process starts the picture goes mental, (grey, stripey and shifted diagonally)

All help appreciated. reply


Anybody know what type of chip/firmware is used in the (first)Brando mp4 watch (orange, 1gb) ??

Mine is all dead, just reads: “Low format” when i plug in the usb. Tried formatting with FAT32 but doesn’t work..Suspect I have to reload the firmware.

Any info appreciated reply


my computer does not pick up my mp4 watch any ideas why? reply


Trying to convert movies on my mp4 watch keep getting error code 5, 11, 34 and 15 reply


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