Help fitting avi files onto a DVD.

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I can’t seem to fit thses converted avi files onto a DVD. I received 6 DVDs from this one guy, and he could fit 16 episodes of naruto on it! (naruto is a tv show). He somehow made each of the files only about 260 megabytes, the main file themselves being about 160 megs. Whenever I try to convert the avi to vob, the result file is about 600 megs! What can I do to get the files as small as he did? reply

I tend 2 find ur question ridiculous!! Why don’t U ask him how he did it? reply


if you find out post it up. reply

not sure if anyone can help me -- PLEASE email me if you CAN!!! -- id owe you big.. i have all the latest drivers files etc... I figured out how to record from my camecorder to computer/dvd in an MPEG file (Instead of the ATI file type --- .vcr) but it is recording without sound -- or at least it does not have sound after i burn it onto a DVD... I think some people had similar issues --- can someone PLEASE tell me how to fix this....?? reply


I know about everything to do with video converting but I have a problem. I got a .avi file, a movie, that I want to fit to 1 cd. The movie will be about 100 mbs too big to fit. I am tired of splitting movies to fit on 2 blank cd’s.It is annoying.
Is there a program out there that can reduce a movie size to fit it to 1 CD. I know,I know, It will degrade the quility. I don’t mind
That is usually the 1st thing outta ppl mouths,lmao.
Anyways, thank you to anyone who can help me out.
Take Care reply


please reply me if u know how fit 15 episodes avi files on a dvd .
Thank you very much
mail to me at reply


If you didn’t know already, KVCD is a modification to the standard MPEG-1 structure in making a VCD. As a result, you’re able to create over 120 minutes of near DVD quality video, depending on your material, on a single 80 minute CD-R/CD-RW.

You can use a KVCD template to use with either TMPGEnc or Cinema Craft Encoder.

Download these templates at: reply


hey all ,

try dvd shrink or ulead dvd movie factory v2.0 or above , in both cases u will lose quality , but if u only need to shrink a little u wont even notice

GL :D reply


DVD Shrink works wonderfully for compression. I have never noticed hardly any decrease in quality at all, even with 50% compression. You can open disc or folders. Also, it is very easy to use. You can choose automatic compression which will make the output 4.6 GB. Perfect size for single layer DVD±R or RW.

Also, different file formats will vary in size. Just like audio, you may have a 5MB .wav file and convert it to .mp3 and the .mp3 file will be like 500KB. Likewise, if you convert a .mp3 to .wav, the .wav will be larger than the .mp3.

esttu reply


Thank qball bud. Seems like promising info. I am saving all the templates right now and will try one tonite.
Bit of a delay in replying back to ya, eh,lol, I googled my username and came across this forum. :-)
Thanks again bud. reply


Can anyone help me figure out how to convert bin and cue format to mpeg? It would be awesome if someone could help. reply


RE: Esttu
Ya might wanna check out VLC media player v0.8.2.It opens the movie that is in .bin & .cue format and plays it on it’s interface. As far as I know it has the ability to capture the audio & video as you watch the movie and saves it back to .avi, dvd, etc. format.
P.S. It open other formats other than .bin & .cue. almost everything I tried as of now. reply


@ Newfie_player

Better late than never. LOL. ;)

Glad you found my advice useful. Good luck with the templates. :) reply


Thanks for all your help, but I found an answer

Thanks again. reply


RE: QBall
lol, Very true. & yah those templates seem awesome man. I got them all downloaded and got a lot of interest in the one named “NTSC NEW! 360 minutes on one CD-R! 352x240 ULBR”.
But I got a lil' issue with it.
I use VirtualDub to shrink a movie. eg. 50 mbs. less then the orginal. (a good start).
Then I use the same program to extract the Audio.
I then use TMPGEnc with the above .mcf template.
As you know with the setup of these templates there is no audio selected. This is why I extract the audio in VirtualDub, so I can after join that audio with the new video. (The video BTW is execellent. The size went down by almost half with no quality lose.)
HERE is my problem,lol. After the Final work is done I got a movie that is eg. 700mbs in .avi format, down to 450 mbs in .mpg. I burn that file to dvd without encoding it figuring it will be readable in DVD player luck. If I encode it with Nero it will play in my DVD player but the file will turn from 450 mbs in .mpg, to maybe a gig in .Svcd.
I am confused....Shouldn’t .mpg play in a standard DVD Player. It is a newer model only a few yrs old.
Thanks for your time bud. I appreciate it. reply


I think most newer DVD players should play mpegs. I’ve never just burned mpegs onto a disc and tried, but I have encoded with Nero and I know that works. It seems like if it will view jpegs, it would let you play mpegs. I thought a peg was a peg... j/k. Must you use cds? I’d just burn it as a DVD. Of course, I don’t have a DVD burner, so I have to use my mom’s.... reply


4 all U newbie/amateur in this 4rum regarding MPEG/MPG..its the 4mats of the VCD’s. Once U burned the MPEG/MPG on disc, it will become VCD.(MPEG1)It could b in vers 1.1 or 2.0. Not all DVD players can handle VCD s there is this thing called PBC. In order 2 watch VCD,,U will have 2 turn off the PBC.(Its normally place on the remote controll)
PS: PBC only screwed with the homemade VCD. Commercial VCD r PBC free.
I hope this infos will wake all up n not fall asleep. Keep in mind n don’t ask anymore stupid question. reply


Your completed KVCD movie should be in the bin/cue format (Disc Image).

In Nero Express select the “Disc Image or Saved Project” category -


- in Nero Start Smart: ->> Copy And Backup ->> Burn Image to Disc

Now Browse For the CUE file of the movie and point the program to it and it should burn easily.

IMPORTANT - When you do burn this file to a CD (80min/700MB), burn it at LOWEST burning speed because high-speed burns cause pixelation.

If it does not burn you may need to check the cue file in Notepad to ensure the first line
has only the filename of the .bin file
between the quotation marks. This is a common error in cue files.
By removing the path (for example- c:\movies\) and leaving only the ".Bin” filename you should
have no problems. reply


@ esttu

KVCD/VCD/SVCD is for the CD media. It’s a perfect solution for those who have PC’s equipped with only CD-burners.

The concept of KVCD is to have an entire film on one CD as opposed to one movie split into 2 CD as is the case with standard VCD’s. If encoded correctly, a KVCD is as close to DVD-quality as possible.

You can’t burn a KVCD (or VCD for that mattr) onto a DVD. You would need to extract the video and then convert that to a DVD-compliant MPEG2 format. But the picture quality would suffer as a result.

Besides, VCD means Video Compact Disc. ;) reply


@ QBall
I finally figured it out bud, :-)
When I went to burn the movie with nero I used SVCD to encode it...Bad Idea....I should have used VCD.
I managed to turn a 710 mb .avi movie into a 300 mb dvd. I still can’t get over it. I am actuall considering redownloading all the movies I got for my daughter and put then on 1 CD instead of having the split movies on 2 cd as she got now,lol.
I owe ya my friend. Thanks a lot. reply


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