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Hey guys I’m new to video editing but I’m really interested.

I’m a Complete comp. nerd and I make my own little 2d and 3d games but I really got bored and I wanted to try video Editing so I went out and bought myself a new $900 Sony DV camera (newby) and I’ve been using AlamDV now I’ve Updated to a $3000 (Pro) cam.

Anyways I’d like to know of any other Special Effects Programs and other handy tools to scratch up a decent movie with. Yes I’m desperate for advice because I’m gonna get choked for buying my new expensive cam and not doing something with it.

Any video editing tools would be fine but here is a list of what I’m looking for:

About 3 good video capturing program that dosn’t scram the quality or alter the framerate or size
About 5 good special effects program even if it’s advanced (im not new to comps...)
and About 10 good Programs that have anything to do with Video editing...

The reason I put About # is because the first one or the second one might not suit my needs

the reason I’m not just searching the net is because I need a first hand opinion because anyone can say “BUY MY PROGRAM bECAUSE IT HAS ALL THESE FEATURES” but it has half or some of the features that it said it has and to say the truth I’ve never been a fan of internet buying because of my experinces of bad deals...

If u have bought a program on the internet and u say it’s ok then I’ll buy it.

Any help with These Requests Would be Very much appreciated.

VOTE 1 :p :P For Aaron Edmistone Hahahaha sorry for the long boring speach... reply

Long story buddy! Here is a link to read something.I had Pinnacle Studio very good software but I think is own by Scroodge.Every plug in you may need is a option and not for free.Also I’ve used Sony Vegas and I can tell you I might be wrong but I’m a Sony guy and if your camera is going to be one of the top 10 cam from the list looks for me that you hit the jackpot or you broke your piggy bank.My computer ( a Vaio!) came with software from Sony and from Sonic but I use more Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5.Hard to say this is the best and is very well connected to your budget. reply


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