Encoding ASF files to play on Aiptek DV3500 camera

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It would be really great to get some kind of encoder that works for the PVR-A1 because the software that comes with the unit is incredibly slow. There must be something wrong with it. reply



try panasonic media or movie stage !!

it converts directly to ASF using the M4S2 codec and any audio codec you prefer!!
Hope this gives you more succes. reply


I have encoded Shark Tale into ASF for my sharp v902 maybe you can use it for your conversion!!

here is a link that maybe helpfull

http://www.mobile-review.com/forum2/showthread.php?t=22504 reply


MS have released a tool that allows you to view an ASF’s file structure:


I think that using this will show the exact structure used by the unit, and the differences between the files created by each of the different tools. reply



hi there - i have an av25 device- which settings worked best for the video conversion using 3pg?
cheers :o) reply


does anybody know where to find some tweaking software or hardware for the Mustek DV-3500? reply


I have been able to separate the audio and video by choosing not to encode the audio using wme, and extracting the audio separately using a program called db power music amp. the only problem is i dont know of any programs that can meld them together without changing the codec format. reply



Bennieblanco, where can we find panasonic media or movie stage? Or please give us more information since when I google “panasonic media” or “movie stage” nothing really useful pops up.

Manny reply


i’m having the same problem and i feel youre that close to solve it.

i saw the japanease 3gpp and for the first time i could see mp4s video in my Creative 316 DiVi...
it turns out that the difference between iso mpeg 4 v1 (mp4s) to iso mpeg 4 v1.1 (m4s2) was crutial.

by the way ,where can i find this FFMPEG?

ther’s a link which can help u some..:

it’s about the 3gp tweaking or something (all i see is a code). reply


I just realized that the battery life of most multicams suck. The memory capacity also sucks. Sound encoding is too much of a hassle....so what do we do?


create a profile using wme
(iso mpeg4 v1)

download xvideo converter trial

create the asf file using xvideoconverter
be sure to click “disable audio”

voila! you have the vid file...

now for the tricky part

use a program called db power music amp
it extracts the audio from your old video file

choose whatever setting you like
(i prefer 128K mp3, but you will need to go smaller if your audio quality isnt that great to begin with, or you need more hardrive space)

once you have the audio extracted, load it to a portable mp3 player, burn it to a cd, or even load it to a tape by recording it from your sound port.......

once you have the audio the way you want, just play both at the same time!

it saves space on your cam, it conserves battery life by not using audio, and it saves the hassle of trying to mess with code...hey, i know...its a poor man’s way to do it....but you wouldnt own this camera unless you were a poor man to begin with....

good luck reply


Hi, i have the same problem with an Aipterk DV5700.
I can see all Windows Media Encoder 9 Videos but i can’t have sound...
But some Divx 5 Videos works few (not a good picture) I don’t know why ...

Sorry,i don’t speak very well english because i’m french... reply


I have foud a soft who works in my DV5700 : its Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter
To use it : Add your video, select Profile : AVI Format and select mpeg4 in the Video Codec
after select a video_size different that 720*480 (it was not nice)

For audio mp3 saving doesn’t work on my computer so i have saved it into pcm_s16le and after encoding i use Virtual Dub To convert just audio to MP3

Trough the memcard you have to save with DCIM\100MEDIA Path (maybe different with other than DV5700) and you have to save your file with the name : PICTxxxx.AVI
where xxxx is a number like 0001 for first file...

I hope it’s going to work on yours... reply


How do I convert audio files to wma or mp3 on my media player. I have Windows xp and converter plus! but is always says it doesnt reconize the codec from my dv 3500?
please help! reply


re:Aiptek DV3500

seems you guys have/use the Aiptek mini-cam so should be able to answer a simple question -- how does the output compare to std camcorders??

I ask, because Aiptek’s DV5700 is selling at local Target stores this week at an incredible $97us considering the specs *seem* comparable to the $400-500us mini-camcorder price range at Best Buy/Circuit City/etc.

The only flaw I immediately noticed was the limited x4 digital zoom which _should_ suffice??

Planned for typical consumer use: Little League, School Plays, Birthdays, vacations, etc; burning to either VHS or CD/DVD. reply


the aiptek camcorders are decent for digital camera usage, however the movie recording is somewhat mediocre. In low light situations, the video camera really does not perform well, so using the camera for recording plays probably will not go well unless the stage is well lit. As for the zoom, anyone will tell you that when it comes to zoom, what matters is optical zoom. Digital zoom just magnifies the pixels on the cmos chip......not a true zoom in the sense that you can get closeup, bc the resolution and quality of pictures tend to degrade. Overall, the camera is great for day to day use, and spending 500 on a camera that does a lil bit more isnt that smart. Also keep in mind that the camera is so damn small! Most pocket cameras are small but lack the features or the price of this camera. The product might not be perfect, but it is worth a lot more pound for pound, dollar for dollar, than more expensive cameras.
In short: get it while you can. reply


how can I encode a normal video file (avi, mpeg, wmv, etc) into mp4 video? reply


I used a program called AVIcodec to get information on one of the video files I captured using my Aiptek DV5300 camera and here is the information it gave me:

File : 15.40 MB (15.40 MB), duration: 0:02:35, type: ASF, 1 audio stream(s), quality: 15 %

Video : 14.75 MB, 797 Kbps, 6.348 fps, 320*240 (4:3), M4S2 = ISO MPEG-4 Video V1, Supported

Audio : 609 KB, 32 Kbps, 8000 Hz, 1 channels, 0x11 = IMA ADPCM, Supported

Ignore the first numbers in each column since that is just the size of the actual data for that particular file, but the rest might help people who are trying to convert to that format.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge of digital video than me will be able to use this. reply


Hello all I think I FINALLY have a working solution to our problem. After a good bit of tinkering I got something to work. You can download the guide I typed up and walk through the process with that then tell me what you think. As far as I know its as good as its going to get.

Here’s where you can get the guide and the needed tools, I tride to upload a sample clip that you could immediatley send to your camera but it is larger than 5MB so I couldn’t upload it.

The Guide:

The Needed Tools:

I know for sure that this method works for the DXG 305V, and there for should work for the Aiptek DV4500 and any other camera that share these codecs. Video: ISO MPEG-4 V1 Audio: IMA ADPCM

What’s unfortunate is that I can’t figure out how to get video AND sound for the Aiptek DV5700 Or Aiptek ISDV here in the US. reply


(to wally)
>> how can I encode a normal video file (avi, mpeg, wmv, etc) into mp4 video?

mp4ui is probably the way to go

An alternative to mp4ui is the mpeg4ip tools

doom9.org has a very nice guide on producing mp4 files here http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/mp4.htm

If you have it, QuickTime Pro will also produce mp4 files.

If you’re an advanced user and know how to use graphedit you can look up how to produce mp4 files with 3ivx and graphedit here
http://forums.3ivx.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=16&topic=39 reply


Kingbee you are the guru; respect is definitely due.

First of all, at last a use for Windows Sound Recorder - ha ha. Seriously, it does the job spot on. I was using Win98SE, but borrowed a laptop with XP to try the MPEG-4 codec in your package. This is by far the closest I have gotten with this on a DV3500. I am now getting almost 100% sound with a psychadelic colourful version of the video.

Any ideas what settings I should tweak?

Also my PC went off to find a new codec to play the finished files back in Media Player making me think that the .ASF files are still not exactly the same M24S type as the camera (but very close).

Thanks again, awesome solution.

Glenn. reply


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