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Hello there,

I have some HD source file wich are mezanine files (m2t) and I need to do a downcovert of it in SD. I’ve tried a couple of software solution (Digital Rapids, Rhozet Carbon coder) but none of them gave me good quality, I keep on having aliasing problem (probably because they’re doing a bicubic resample instead of Lanczos). I was wondering if any of you knows a godd soultion for this.

Thanks a lot reply

What format are you converting them to? Does the output also have to be m2t (MPEG-2 transport)?
You can try TMPGEnc free edition. The download button is well hidden. After you pick your language, the download button is at the top of the page between 'about tmpgenc' and 'forum'.
I said try, because I don’t know if TMPGEnc can open transport streams (and I definitely don’t know if it can create transport streams; I also don’t know if it uses lanczos for resampling.)
When you open it, skip the wizard. All the settings are under the settings tab (and fairly intuitive), and to run, click start.

If you want to convert to AVI, you can try VirtualDub-MPEG-2 ( Like before I’m not sure if this can open transport streams. If it can, click video, filters, and pick resize. The default is bicubic, but you can pick lanczos3. If you’re doing exactly 2:1 resizing (or a multiple of it like 4:1), pick 2:1 reduction high quality instead (twice if 4:1). Then click video, compression, and pick your favorite codec and adjust the settings to your liking (if you don’t pick a codec it will be saved uncompressed which is humongous). Then, file, save as AVI. reply


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