Converting .wrf to .avi, .mov or any other video format

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Awesome post! After looking at the options, we went with E-Tech Recovery and got the file professionally converted for our website. Camtasia is an option but the converted video did not look professional enough because the player controls obscure the video. Thanks again. reply


Webex Recording Editor 2.8 offers an option to export the WRF file to WMV format. Just go to File > Export To.

Once converted to WMV format, you can use other popular conversion tools to convert it from WMV to another format. I’ve been using SUPER Converter at home. It converts many different video formats and you don’t need to download any supplementary codecs. It’s all built into the app. Oh and it’s free. reply


Use the secondary export command from the Kronos app. to trigger an automatic conversion. Good results but takes time. reply


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I m not getting where is the convertor on link below

could u help me pls... reply


is thhere any convertor to convert .wrf to wmv other than webEx...Pls help reply


jshawgo wrote:
When I export to WMV, the video is terrible. Does any know what the best settings to select when exporting to WMV to obtain the best possible graphics.

It is great to be able to convert the file, but if I lose the graphics quality, it ruins the whole point.

I ran into the exact same issue when converting a .wrf to wmv using Webex’s editing tool. My solution was to change the default settings. Not only did the conversion go quicker but the image quality of the .wmv came out awesome.

What I’d recommend you do:
1) Open the webex file converter.
2) Open the file you want to convert from .wrf to .wmv format.
3) Go to File, then Export to...
4) When it prompts you, just name and save the file.
5) WMV options window will appear. Under Video: Change the codec to “Windows Media Viewer 9."
6) I also changed the audio Codec to, although this may not be necessary if you’re concentrating just on improving the video quality.
Take a look at how the above .wrf conversion turned out here:

This is all with Webex’s wrf editing software.

Mike. reply


Great post! E-Tech did an awesome Webex conversion to FLV. reply


Download WebEx Recorder and Player Installer for Windows

Download WebEx Player Installer for Mac OS X

Download WebEx Player only (for *.wrf files) for Windows

Download WebEx Player only (for *.wot files) for Windows reply


Webex has a recording editor tool that allows a WRF file to be exported to a WMV format. Works good. May need to have a user agreement with Webex to download. reply


Vishal Mah­ajan­
Just follow the link to download the WEBEx player.

Thanks and with regards,

Thank you Vishal...I downloaded the player at webex...did the job...appreciate your help...

Netscribe reply


Hello u guys, u can dload the WebEx Recording editor for free
from there u can at least export to wmv. reply


I know this is an old thread but it does show up at the top of a Google search. Just so everyone is aware, Webex has an editor that is downloadable for free that edits and coverts the .wrf files to Windows Media WMV files. You can convert WMV to anything you please.

Here’s a link to the site:

The only caveat maybe that you need a Webex account to get it.

Bill G. reply


Dear Sir,
I had .avi format in my computer. How can I convert the .avi to .wrf (webex format).
Otherwied how can I record .avi format in webex recorder
I am waiting for your reply.

Thanking you,

Narendra reply



can i download webex player and recorder for free..?
if so how can i ..?please help me to download..

vchand reply


You need to get the Webex Editor.
WebEx Recording Editor


I would give it to you but have no way to upload.

The contact infor for Webex is:
Phone: 1-866-229-3239 (US and Canada Toll-Free)
+1-408-435-7088 (International Toll) reply

convert wrf reply


Thanks guys, the ateditor done the trick! :) reply


Webex has a tool for this: reply


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