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Sorry, but maybe I simply missed something. Someone mentioned the ATI Library. Is that a specific application, or a feature in another application. Basically, what program would I need in order to convert a .vcr to a .mpeg? Any help is appreciated. reply


I’m having real problems getting this to work.

I am using the media library tool.

I right click on the file, and select “export to mpeg-2”, and then select a name to save it as, and click “save”.

Nothing happens. The program just sits there and does nothing.

This is very frustrating. reply


Rhombic, I’ve had this problem with older versions of Media Library. Download all of the latest drivers from ATI and COMPLETELY remove all traces of the previous version(s). Boot your PC into VGA-mode. Use the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel to remove ALL of the ATI stuff, including Gemstar and Remote Wonder. Use a registry cleaner like Norton’s WinMD, THEN use Regedit (be careful!) and search for every ATI HDTV-related entry and delete. This is tedious, I know. Reboot and install the latest drivers. Reinstall Gemstar from the CD.

Also be aware that some programs can interfere with the Export function. QuickTask and Avast! have done this. You may need to disable your antivirus while your are exporting. I feel your pain, my friend! reply


I am having several problems with the .vcr format...
Whenever I convert to mpeg-2 it plays fine and all, but Nero cannot burn it. It gives me an odd error, and no one seems to know any fixes for it..
I then tried exporting to mpeg-4 but the video becomes disproportioned...I believe something like 280X400 or something like that...
I tried the various settings to export, and when I did it as another AVI file, it made the 1.01GB .vcr into 17GB...
Anyone have any solutions? reply


Nevermind, I think I fixed it...
I just exported to the “Portable” setting, in case anyone else had the same problem that I did...
It’s quick and if you have Nero 6 Ultra Retail Like I do, then you won’t have any problems reply


Nope, I was wrong...
I got to the actual burn process and it gave me an error which is just a slew of random letters it would seem, and then closes Nero Vision Express...
And it also ruined the DVD, it closed it with no data on it...
Any ideas anyone?
Please? reply


not sure if anyone can help me -- PLEASE email me if you CAN!!! -- id owe you big.. i have all the latest drivers files etc... I figured out how to record from my camecorder to compueter/dvd in an MPEG file (Instead of the ATI file type --- .vcr) but it is recording without sound -- or at least it does not have sound after i burn it onto a DVD... I think some people had similar issues --- can someone PLEASE tell me how to fix this....??
Neil reply


I just got my ATI HDWonder. It is working good. But after recording something in HD format I’m stuck with the .vcr format. I have found a way to convert to Mpg2/4 etc, but no way to export to a HD format. I’ve seen HD Avi’s so I know they exist, so why can’t we export .vcr until a HD AVI or Mpg? Any suggestions? reply


KennyK: what is this Way you have discovered for converting .vcr to .mpeg2?!?! If you can get files into mpeg2 then you can easily convert to avi, though why you’d want to is beyond me. I’d stick to mpeg2 streams for full HD or downconvert to mpeg4 for space saving with a modicum of value left to the information.

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO RESCUE THESE BASTARD .VCR FILES FROM WHEN I HAD THE “ATI HDTV BLUNDER”. I saved a show I really want to watch and I know the data is in there, I just can’t figure out how to extract it and convert it to something playable. Even VLC won’t play it, now that’s scary. Asinine ATI. reply


not sure if anyone can help me -- PLEASE email me if you CAN!!! -- id owe you big.. i have all the latest drivers files etc... I figured out how to record from my camecorder to compueter/dvd in an MPEG file (Instead of the ATI file type --- .vcr) but it is recording without sound -- or at least it does not have sound after i burn it onto a DVD... I think some people had similar issues --- can someone PLEASE tell me how to fix this....??
Neil reply


CAptain. The Mpeg 2 Export is easy. Just:

1) open your Media Library;
2) select the file you want;
3) left click on that file;
4) selct export;
You’ll get a list of file formats:
VCD (Mpeg 1) 352x240
DVD Low (Mpeg2) 352x240
HD Mpeg2 352x240
SVCD Mpeg2 480x480
DVD Med (Mpeg2) 352x240
DVD High Mpeg2 720x480
Handheld Mpeg4 320x240
Portable Mpeg4 352x240
HomeTheater Mp4 640x480

I want something better I want true HD Exporting. When you use there converting method to go from True HD to DVD High Mpeg 2 there is a HUGE reduction in Quality. I’d like a way to convert to AVI/Mpeg with true HD. Possibibly using DivX6.0 which supports HD Quality. reply


I lost you at “Open Media Library”. What is this “Media Library”?

If it is an ATI program then I was utterly unclear in my previous posts. I DO NOT OWN ANY ATI SOFTWARE ANYMORE. I returned the ATI HDTV Blunder (ATI HDTV Wonder) to the merchant after two weeks of headaches and flaky functionality. I tried to download some software from but was totally thwarted, unable to get anything from them other than, “Load the software from the CD that came with your product." ATI is worse than useless.

I bought an EYETV for my Mac and it works beautiflully and the company,, RESPONDS to every one of my requests, from the most mundane pre-sales question to the very technical request for data. GREAT Company! (I highly recommend everyone who wants HDTV on his computer get an product but I digress....)

Anyway, what I failed to do on the Windoze box prior to removing the ATI HDTV Blunder was to use ATI’s software to convert the couple of shows into a non-ATI-proprietary format. I deleted most of the recordings, but there is this one cool show I’d like to retrieve from it’s ~8, ~500mb each, .vcr files.

I had all but given up on doing even this seemingly trivial, but actually impossible, task when I discovered this forum. I’m hoping that someone here can tell me how to convert these .vcr files into something I can put into Quicktime and then manipulate to my heart’s content.

They must be some kind of representation of the original HDTV MPEG2 streams, no? But they have no headers and even VideoLan Player fails to play or recognize the raw .vcr files.

I hope I was clear this time and that there is some way to do what I want here.

Thanks y’all! reply


“Media Library” is an application from ATI used to manage media files on your PC. As such, it is the ONLY tool I know of that can convert .VCR files to another format. Don’t ya just love proprietary formats? If you don’t have a friend from whom you can borrow the ATI software installation CD (and you need the CD just to even download an updated component from ATI!), you may want to consider buying the HDTV Wonder *again* from another store, install the software, convert the .VCR files and then return the ATI stuff to the store for a refund. It’s a bit tedious, but if the program you recorded is that good....

Good luck! reply


I have files I recorded with my ATI All in wonder pro card some time ago. I have since then upgraded my pc, and no longer use the card. I could not find drivers for XP for it, and even if I could, I have a much superior video card now.

The problem is that I recently tried to open one of my files that I had recorded and could not. Gspot mentions ATIVCR codec. I looked on the web and ati site for them, but it appears they only exist for 95/98.

My files are all avi, not vcr and so was wondering if this media library can convert them, or do I have to install 95/98 on some pc to convert them?

Can I download this application, since I did not see it with my card anywhere?

BTW, I switched from ATI because of their lousy support, and am using MYHD which works great on all pc’s and OS that I have except linux. reply



This program converts MANY video formats to DVD format, including AVI files. Note: This is the freeware version. VSO Software has begun marketing a new version that is NOT free. reply


I have a RealPlayer video clip that I would like to convert to mpeg. So that it may be imported into windows Movie Maker. Is this possiable?? and if so what would I need to accomplish this?

Thanks reply


Dear all,

I know well that there is only the library tool can conver .vcr file to others format. But I can not run this tool. The message is alway 'Failed to initialize the program'.I tried to donwload the newest versions but not sucess. Thank a lot if there are someone could help me! reply


I posted this question the other day but got no reply (possibly because I chose the wrong Forum?) I’m hoping that I have better luck here..

Is it possible to copy a pre-recorded Music Video onto a dvd to watch..? If it is:

1) Is it easy to do?
2) Is it expensive?
3) Is it a long process? oh lol and finally...
4) Is it legal?

Answers to any or all of the above would be most greatly appreciated. Thanks... reply

ok..i have the option to convert to mpeg 2 and i select the mpreg2 option and then nothing happens...please help reply


I got a new windows xp media center computer, an upgrade from my old PC that had an ATI tuner. I have multiple files with .vcr extensions that I would like to watch on my new pc. Is there a codec or software that I can download to watch these files? If so, will it run on XP? Any help would be appreciated. reply


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