Converting to a very precise MPEG setting - Please help

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I am a designer who also does a fair bit of video stuff. I recently bought a tiny sony t3 camera. Great little thing as with a duo PRO card supports 30fps Mpeg with sound. Suddenly had this great idea to encode my design video work into the same codec and move them onto the camera - ideally resulting in a pocket sized media player to demonstrate my video work to future clients. However - as much as I have tried to desperately match the video codec settigns - the file are always unviewable once on the camera. Even Cleaner doesn’t appear to let me encode to the exact settign I require to match the camera’s default MPEG output.

I have used VideoInspector to gather this info about the sony mpeg settings:
102400 Kbps (bitRate)
11.38 (quality factor)

1 channel
32000 hz
MPEG1 layer 2

As much as I’ve tried matching the settigs it won’t work...
I can’t see what settings in cleaner effect the Quality factor or what changes channels from 2 to 1...

I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks. reply

>> 102400 Kbps (bitRate)
100 Mbps for an MPEG file? That sounds a bit high... Can you feed the file into avicodec to cross-check?
Also another encoding tool you might want to look into is TMPGEnc from reply


Yeah... 100 Mbps... I don’t think it’s actually that... maybe is a bug they programmed the camera with but that’s what VideoInspector claims it to be...

I tried and tried... nothing. So I finally gave up the other day and bought a new sony PSP. Although the memory is only memory stick based, the mp4 video quality is great - along with its photo viewing options and mp3 player. Not to mention games of course but I’m not buying any of them until I finish my outstanding contract work... :P

Thanks anyway! reply

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