Converting .mov files to PNG.

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I need to remove the background in my .mov file and replace it with another I have created in photoshop.

Ive been told that if I convert each frame of a .mov
file to a PNG it will allow me to remove the background from the .mov files.

Does anybody know how to do this or point me in the right direction in regards to programs to use.

Thanks reply

In QuickTime Pro ($30 from Apple) this can be done by exporting your movie to an image sequence.
Open your movie, then click on file, and choose export. Under the line export, select 'movie to image sequence'. if you click on option, it will let you select an image format (png, bmp, jpg, whatever). you can also select the frame rate at which to rip (you could want to rip only one out of every two frames in your movie for example). if you click options again, you will get options specific to the image format you selected (most will have a color depth choice).

Of course that’s just the first phase. In the second phase you’d need a custom program (for example) to remove the background from the images you generated. In the third step you’d have to recombine the image sequence back into a movie. QuickTime Pro can also do that.

Open QuickTime Pro, then choose file, open image sequence. Select any image from the folder in which you stored your image sequence. Then you pick a frame rate and it rebuilds a movie for you. Finally export your movie to a quicktime movie or avi or mp4 or whatever format you want it in. Be SURE to click options then settings so you can get choices in both compressor and quality (otherwise the default is set to 'medium', which is lousy!) reply


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