converting .mov files to .avi or .mpeg to freeze-frame and save still pixs as jpegs

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I have a Kodak EasyShare Z710 Camera, and after 3 days and multiple phone-calls to them, including downloading their latest 7.1. version software, I still can’t get the videos to save as .avi or jpeg so I can bring them up in WinTV and free-frame to get still pictures. Even trying to find out if Kodak has software for this was maddening, as they’ve outsourced to the far east and nobody understood my question. I’ve looked at Staples’website in vain, too. How can I convert these files and maintain their quality? I have a free download, Digital Video Converter, but the stills from it come out all lines, no clear picture, in Win TV. (Yes, I called them, too. Since snapshots from the TV channels are clear, we traced it to the converter software being inferior.) Any help would be greatly appreciated...Linda H. reply

What format does the Z710 record in?
If you’re unsure, open it in QuickTime, click window, show movie inspector. I suspect it’ll be Photo JPEG or MPEG-4.
In either case if you want to do a lossless conversion to AVI, use MP4CAM2AVI from here:
MP4CAM2AVI just rips the audio and video stream from the MOV container and puts it into the AVI container. If you have Photo JPEG MOV, you’ll get Motion JPEG AVI. If you have MPEG-4 MOV, you’ll get DivX AVI (though if you want you can set it to Xvid).
If your output was Motion JPEG, you can try
to losslessly extract the JPEG frames. A brief guide here
If it’s DivX or Xvid, I don’t think you can do it losslessly (every frame will have to be decoded individually, then recompressed using JPEG compression). Simplest way I know of is to use VirtualDub (, open your file, click file, export, image sequence. Pick JPEG, and move bar all the way to the right for better quality. (JPEG is lossy even at 100%; if you don’t mind a different format, use PNG which is lossless) reply


First, you sound so young! lol.Second, as I am new to this program, I found it hard to know what these ittesngs meant (ie: skip root menu etc). And you gave clear instructions on how to use them. I looked the world over to find out what these ittesngs mean!I am only burning 1 record (a full movie) to a dvd and do get a small confused if your instructions would vary from adding 2 videos.Thanks so much for your help! reply


Review: I have never had a MP3 and finally decedid to get one for the music capabilities. It was a bit confusing at first, but after downloading their user info, i was able to walk myself thru the set up and downloading. If I can do it, anyone can.I am truly enjoying taking pictures, listening to music and taking a few videos. It has lots of memory and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a quality MP3 MP4 and camera. reply


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