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You could try

It is Freeware, free :)

Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter form

I found this useful and good if very slow conversion, (2 pass).

Yes it does 1920x1080 convertion, and others if required

Also this and other software cause Black pillar box bars on the right and left once the video, (avi) is in in MovieMaker

More video links at reply


Yeah man,

I am living in China and uploading videos on the World Wide Web through the Internet is a ball ache here, even through VPN.

But now I can chop my videos and upload them or email them with ease with that MP4Cam2AVI I read about in this forum here. It’s boss!

What a dodgy Apple scam having all these camera’s knocking out *.MOV files...

The camera’s should have a disclaimer saying that you must dig laboriously through the web, testing this, testing that if you want to edit the videos - or purchase a MAC or QuickTime Pro (which is useless compared to the free VLC Player which plays almost any thing, even if the file is a bit dodgy halfway through...)


mtdow wrote:

Graywolf2004, MP4Cam2AVI this program does exactly what we needed. I may even buy another Panasonic camera as the .mov files were a pain! Thank you whoever very much indeed.

Thank you very much! After downloading 3 other previous mentioned programs (which never worked for me properly), I finally downloaded the MP4Cam2AVI. It worked beautifully and pretty user friendly as well.

A side note to the MOV files....I think that there should be some sort of description/disclaimer on the camera of purchase that explains what format the movies will be saved and not to mention it can only be played in quick time (unless you go through all this crap to find another way).

Anywhoot...thanks a million Graywolf2004 :)



Ok. I have Quicktime Pro on Vista. What file format do I need to export the video as before Windows Movie Maker will understand it? reply


i using Macvide VideoFlash Converter macvide. com
.It’s really cool thing. reply


Hii, I Really Need Help And Fast, Does Anyone Know How To Convert Quicktime Files Into Windows So They Upoload Into Windows Movie Maker That Doesnt Cost Any Money ? reply


Owww shity is wavy reply


I too stumbled upon this page through Google, having spent many hours last night struggling with conversion tools which had all the bells and whistles, and which - if they worked at all - slowed down my MOV file when converted, making them painful to listen to and jerky to watch.

When I noticed the date of the original post I thought it couldn’t really be any use, but man, THANK YOU graywolf2004, I am SO glad that I downloaded your tool, it is BRILLIANT and my file is converted perfectly and streaming perfectly (which it didn’t in Quicktime lol).

So yeah, to convert MOV files to AVI, look no further - this is the perfect tool and SO easy to use!! Thanks again :) reply


Does these programs convert both? Audio and Video?
and how about the resolution?
does it stay the same? reply


I am using Rad Video Tools. I have been able to convert one .MOV successfully but the other two I need to convert read, “error creating the output AVI file” and this confuses me. is there another format I can save it under? I run windows 7. reply


Heyy seg5, thank you SOOO much for posting that download, I thought it was impossible to do it for free! Phewww reply


There are two method to solove this problem, you can get a video converter to convert mov to wmv for playing on windows media player or edit in windows movie maker;
Or you can get a video editor which support to edit mov files. I recommend you to download to try AVS Video Converter/AVS Video Editor from AVS Video Tools: reply


A wondfreul job. Super helpful information. reply


I am super cheap, so I went with the free option. I had a .mov file that I wanted to use in Windows MovieMaker, so I tried using pazera to change it to a .avi file. That didn’t work--I only got sound, but then I converted it to a .mpg file. That worked except the video was squished. Then I changed the output format to “custom” and put the resolution at 100% and it came out perfect! Here’s the link to pazera stuff:

Yay free software THAT WORKS!!! :) reply


I tried all above suggestions with no luck,out of desperation,I renamed my .MOV file to .MPEG and it worked instantly. reply


i downloaded flv player and it will not ply my .mov files reply


I’d like to advice very good and easy program for converting video files . You can convert most video formats for use on you dvd player, portable MP4 player, Ipod and other. It’s link on this program reply


I do mostly radio, so I’m trying to convert from .mov to .mp3 or .WAV files. How can I do that.

Thanks. reply


You can have a try to use Brorsoft Video Converter to convert your MOV videos to WMA. I have used it for almost one year and it works well for me. It can recognize various common videos, such as MTS, MXF, AVI, MP4,MOV, FLV and so on. Good Luck! reply


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