Converting .mod files to .avi, mpeg or wmv.

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I have a 4 gig SD chip and need to change about 65 files. Any way to “batch” so that I do not have to do individually????? reply


Lovingcpl0108 wrote:
I figured out how to convert the mod file to mpg files which are readable in media player. You have to rename the file by changing the extension to mpg or whatever format your media player plays.

im not sure what you mean by changing the extension. how would i go about doing that? reply


How to <a href=“">convert mod</a> is a hot topic for many JVC/Panasonic/Canon digital camcorder users. Generally speaking, to convert MOD file, we need a MOD Converter - Aiseesoft MOD Video Converter which can convert MOD video files perfectly and quickly.

<a href=“">Mod Converter</a> is a quite useful software for camcorder owners. Most of the videos recorded by camcorders, digital videos are in MOD format, which is not a approved video format by most media players or video editor software. That makes MOD Converter a must-have software for each camcorder user, for it’s a MOD video converter which is designed to convert MOD videos to fit diverse applications. reply


As a matter of fact that when you try to playback, import or edit such renamed .MOD video files, these may look horrible, with aliasing effects, distortion and images squeezed due to a wrong aspect ratio setup.

Unfortunately it appears that to edit or work with these files Mac users have a little more trouble to go through to get their MOD files into their favorite video player.
Convert MOD Files reply


I recently came into possetion of a JVC camcorder that uses the MOD file extension format and had trouble opening the blasted things on my PC.

I looked through the forum and tried all the file extension name changing, both in the explore window and in the command prompt screen from MOD to MPG, AVI etc etc etc you name it I tried it. I was so pissed of that I even tried SHT and FUK, funny these never worked either.

I rumaged around the list of long forgotten and passed installed programs to see what i had and found that Nero8 with all its attachmnets will happily read, play, allow for movie clipping, movie making etc etc etc of MOD file formats.
After playing with them you can then save them into an AVI, MPG etc etc etc.

You can also just use the nero vision to open the file and then export it as an AVI., allowing for use in anothr editor if that is your desire.

I am not sure what size it will take as all the MOD files I have are no larger than 10 mins, but it only takes the length of the clip to export it into the AVI, i.e. a 10 min clip will take approx 10 mins to convert.

Hope this helps someone along as i too have experianced the wrath of JVC.

PS I never installed any of the software that came with the camcorder, I just copy the files from the camcorder or SD card in card reader using the explorer window. reply


You don’t have to change the names. Just when you open up Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker or Windows DVD Maker, use the drop down and select all files, not just video files. It will load that way and you can viedw them on all three and burn dvds. Good day! reply


Psychologue wrote:

Just have an important question.
I have used cyberlink to convert .mod files, but does not work.
Is there any other converter or converters that can convert .mod files to .avi,.mpeg.,.wmv file formats? I need a free download ofcourse. And might buy also.


okay, i just used this kind of program-Moyea MOD Converter which is powerful and wonderful to convert any MOD to other popular video formats with excellent output quality...

moreover,it adopts advanced audio and video sync technology. reply


Just free download mod converter to convert mod to avi, mpeg, wmv, etc

Here is the website: reply


mod format can be easily and straight away played with windows media player without renaming or converting to mpg. but if it is renamed with mpg extension and played with real player, there won’t be any audio because the audio format is AC3 which real player doesn’t support. reply


It’s very late and I’m tired and fed up as I stumble across this longstanding thread (highlighting the problem!) so I’ll check tomorrow if I’ve got this out right. I import the files from my JVC camcorder to my hard drive using Windows Live Photo Gallery on my Vista basic computer.[Ontop of the potential problems with Media Player as described on this thread mine doesn’t seem to be loading properly anyway at which point I switched to WLPG]
I have successfully watched the MOD files through WLPG as well as through this use the Windows Live File System to copy the files onto DVD as they are; they have also been successfully watched back, again on WLPG once I set this as default way to view these files.
However, when I try to burn a DVD in Mastered format by inserting disc -choosing Burn files to disc using Windows on Autoplay popup- a warning comes up saying “are you sure you want to copy this file without it’s properties ...cannot be copied to new location”
Ignoring the advice and proceeding results in a DVD that appears to be successful viewing it through windows but blank from my DVD player. Anyone make any sense of that and see a way forward? [I see no mention of WLPG on this thread, wondering why not if.. I’m the only 1 to have problems!]
All I want is for my memories to be safely backed up, not merged into 1 long video, and readable by a DVD player. If I hadn’t stupidly purchased the JVC and made my precious family videos with it for a couple of years without realising about MOD I would have thrown this bloody machine and the poxy software that came with it over a cliff, chose a replacement camcorder and write the whole disaster off . If only. Thankyou for your time and understanding reply


OK....I too am tired and to go along with that ,i’M STUPID. i JUST BOUGHT A JVC.......DUH !!!! Will nero 9 solve all these problems? After installing nero, should I remove the software crap that came with this unit? Can I ever post video clips to the web and how please. I tried to send a clip as an attachment (windows xp) and nope, not going...... HELP !!!! reply


Gxmechanic wrote:
You can try and create a batch file which is similar to a command prompt function except you dont have to type again and again.

Here’s how
1) Open notepad
2) Type in this one line code, without the brackets (rename *.mod *.mpg)
3) Save the file as filename.BAT to the folder where you files are located.
4) Go to the folder location and you will see your file.
5) Double click and viola. Instantly all your MOD files are renamed with the MPG extension

If you prefer to rename to avi, just type (rename *.mod *.avi) instead

thanks that helped with my problem of editing this .mod files in adobe premiere reply


is there anyway to change the .MOD files to .MPEG files all at one time? Like instead of renaming them all indiviually? reply


the information above i thnk it is useful reply


I found a lengthy discussion on the .mod file at which was pretty eye-opening, might be useful to you. reply


Advice to all. Get shut of the JVC bags of crap. JVC don’t have the answer t their own problems, so why by their stupid crappy camcorders anyway. Get your money back and go look for a camera that saves in mpeg. If everybody did this then perhaps JVC will take note that they are loosing sales because someone at their place hasn’t got the common sense to make sure that their camcorders save in a format that 95% of the world’s computers understand. JVC - Japanese Victor Company, more like Jokers Victor Company. Such a shame that they should bring down the name of a company that has been established for decades. reply


install the required codecs,
then install virtualdub.
open the mod files with virtualdub, and then go to:
>save as AVI

(or F7)

and there your go... reply


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I have a JVC Everio that works with an SD card. I just saved the file that previously had the .mov extension with a .avi extension and I was able to upload the video to Motionbox which is where I store my videos and it worked great. I have not tried to work with the files in Windows Movie Maker; however, this was a quick free fix that worked for me. reply


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