Converting .mod files to .avi, mpeg or wmv.

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Just have an important question.
I have used cyberlink to convert .mod files, but does not work.
Is there any other converter or converters that can convert .mod files to .avi,.mpeg.,.wmv file formats? I need a free download ofcourse. And might buy also.

Fahad reply


1st of all..r U trying 2 convert ur MOD file from video cam or others? Plz give more info. reply

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I figured out how to convert the mod file to mpg files which are readable in media player. You have to rename the file by changing the extension to mpg or whatever format your media player plays. reply

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I’ve very recently tried to copy movie data from a JVC hard disc camera with the same problem.
The files are all .MOD or .MOI and cannot be opened because the pc doesn’t know what programme created them.
I installed the software that came with the camera but still no luck.
I’m as sick as a chip.
Anyone got any ideas?
Not too complex please!!!!! reply

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Lovingcpl0108 wrote:
I figured out how to convert the mod file to mpg files which are readable in media player. You have to rename the file by changing the extension to mpg or whatever format your media player plays.

THANK u 55555 I chang the extension from MOD to mpg it work .i can import to CyberLink PowerDirector Express . reply

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If you manually change the file type from .MOD to .MPG, you can play it in Windows Media Player. If you want to change the format to upload it to the web (maybe you need .WMV) use ImTOO MPEG Encoder. It’s a free download that lets you change the format of almost any file type (including .MPG) into almost any other format (given that the clip is less than 5 minutes long). Hope this helps! reply


I may be really dense but how do you change the file to an mpg ? I tried just renaming it in explorer but it comes up <filename>.Mpg.Mod

I can change the MOI file just not the Mod

This is sooo frustrating.... THANKYOU JVC !!! reply



How do you guys change the file name?? you can’t just rename it, right?? I’ve tried renaming it, but nothing happens, it just keeps the .mpg name but still shows up as a .mod file ex: video.mpg.mod Any other ideas on how to change the file instead of just renaming it?? Thanks. reply


Try to rename with Total Commander, for me it always works reply


Yeh I Tried The Renaming And It Worked And I Can Use It On All My Video Editing Software... reply


Use Command Promt.

ren *.mod *.mpg
* => file name

Always work to me..... reply

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If You’re in windows you can rename a file with these steps:
1. Open the explorer window where your files exist
2. Select the Tools >> Folder Options menu item
3. Click the View Tab
4. Uncheck the option to “Hide extensions for known file types”
5. Click “apply to All Folders if you always want to see the file extensions for every file no matter what folder you are in
6. Click ok to accept all changes and close the dialog window
7. You should now see all the file extensions of the files in the current folder
8. Right click on a filename you wish to change and select Rename
9. Rename the file extension to anything you’d like.

Once you’ve done this, you can just right click a file and rename it in seconds. No software required! reply

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hey i have a video file off my JVC as well and wonted to play it on WMP so i changed the file extension from .MOD to .MPEG. Now the problem i have is that the video quality is poor. It’s like the video cant keep up with the playing speed, lines drag when something moves. I know this quality is poor because it plays fine on cyberlink power dvd. Any help plz on how to fix the poor quality???? reply


I have the same problem with my JVC cam but instead of converting MOD file to anything else I simply installed Media Player Classic. It plays MOD video files. reply


Ok my friends and I just bought the JVC camera tonight and I uploaded some videos to the computer, I changed the file name and everything but the problem I am having is that there is no sound from the videos? any help!? reply


It also says I need a codec, which codec will I be looking for? reply


I just got the k-lite codec pack and now I can play all .mod files in windows media player with no problem.

Cheers reply


i changed all my .mod files to .mpg and i can run them fine in WMP, my problem is burning them onto a dvd. it doesn’t recognize the files i’m trying to burn.

Ans ideas? reply


I have the same problem here using Windows Vista DVD Movie maker. I can view the video in WMP but can not burn it to DVD, I am going to try cnverting the videos as changing the extention to mpg does not help.

I’ll let you know my results reply


yeah i need same help...i can watch em but not make DVD or convert in WMediaMaker reply


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