Converting AVI file to Mpeg problem

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I have downloaded a movie in *.avi format. It consists of 2 files of each 700MB.

When I try to convert I have no sound. I have all codecs. I used Virtual dub, TMPenc, Ulead....

Playing it with DivX gives no problems.

How can I convert the file with the sound?
Thank you for your help.



You need to separate the sound from the video with virtual dub and re-encode the movie file without the sound. Now open in virtualdub the non sound movie and regroup the sound and the non sound movie with tmpgenc through the frame server of the virtualdub.
I want to go to sleep because it’s very late now and i’m tired so i’ll write how to do this tomorrow. If you know how to do it without.
For those who wont understand the explanation, i’ll try to upload a guide with pictures so it would be easier but i don’t promise i’ll find where to upload it. reply


I understand the thing with separating video and sound. But what later? Is it re-muxing we are talking about? How do you use TMPGEnc & VD together?

Myself I tried another approach:
1. create the WAV-file from AVI-file by means of VD
2. encode AVI-file into VCD-style MPEG by means of TMPGEnc, using TWO sources: the original AVI-file and the newly created WAV-file.

Unfortunately, it solves maybe 50% of the “mute” files. Further guidance would be very appreciated!

Regards /ZJ reply


Hhmm, 50%, hhmm. Out of the files you’ve got, how many have AC3 audio? Use to find out.

TMPGEnc won’t usually handle AC3 or VBR MP3 for that matter, so files come out without audio. There are a few ways around this. One way being to save out the audio using VirtualDub, then convert that AC3 file to a proper WAV file using HeadAc3he.

The other way to do it is to not use the AC3Filter as the primary AC3 decoder. Instead use Moonlight Odio Dekoda v1.25:

Uninstall the AC3Filter before installing Moonlight.

Then open TMPGEnc and click Option>Environmental setting and click on the VFAPI plug-in setting. Set 'DirectShow Multimedia File Reader' to 4.

Now open your file which has AC3 audio and convert it to MPEG1 (VCD) as usual.

Also, if you get a MP3 warning then this means you’ve got a non-standard AVI (ie - it has VBR MP3 audio). When this happens, you can use VirtualDub MP3 version to save out a WAV file. It will process VBR MP3s better than the normal VDub:


Another thing - where are you download the files from? If they’re downloaded using Kazaa Lite (K++) for example, then they could be corrupted. If this is the case, then they could need fixing. reply



i had the same problem and found that when i convetred and burned through nero 6 vcd unlimited serial number the sound does work and in boilsoft no sound reply


There is another way than using VirtualDub.
Select “Option” i TMPGEnc.
Select “Environmental Setting”
Select “VFAPI plug-in”
Right click on “AVI VFW Compability reader” and
select “higher priority” twice so that it moves
up in front of DirectShow Multimedia File Reader.

Then you can convert your AC3 Avi movie to VCD, or
SVCD if you like, without first converting your AC3 sound file to Wave.
Enjoy reply


I have a solution to converting to AVI to MPEG without hassle and keeping the best quality- just try Brorsoft Video Converter. reply



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