convert vob files into avi or mpg without quality loss for video editing

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tmpegenc reply


I have tried magic dvd ripper in the past, but was not satisfied with the quality of the output. After a loooooong search and some experimenting, IMHO, AutoGuardianKnot (search AutoGK) is the best software around. Since it is extremely elaborate and allows you to control many aspects of the encoded and compressed output (Resolution, Frame rate, Size of output etc. just to begin with), you might want to read the following tutorial by Elliot Back(

Also you shall need to install DVD Decrypter (to decode the DVD contents to .vob files) and AutoGK (to encode and compress the .vob files into .avi files). These softwares are available under the GNU license for free. reply


Vob 2 MPG, works very well and very quick to both download and to re-encode, only one ive tried but probably as good as any. reply


I downloaded and used Vob 2 MPG, but a funny thing happened when I tried to import the Mpg into Windows Movie Maker... I got sound, but no video. But I see sound and video if I view it in MediaPlayer.

Anyone know what causing Windows Movie maker to not see the video part of the converted mpg file when using VOB2MPG? Can anyone else repro this?
Thanks for the replies. reply


Marcs wrote:
i need to know how to convert the vob files of an dvd into a high quality avi or mpg for the purposes of editing those in any video editing software avaible.

i cant find any software that make the conversion in the files without quality loss.

You can download a very good program called and video converter. Its Free. It converts all sorts af formats into MpG Avi WmV and so on. Go to and type in any video converter and it should be there reply

iain arthur wrote:
You can download a very good program called and video converter. Its Free.

WTF? Methinks you dropped a few characters. reply


eddie murphy:

You can use dvdauthorgui to convert your files back to dvd format. reply


how can u open vob. files i downloaded a movie to watch but its vob. and my pc tells me i have to download some program i downloaded it but doesnt work..can someone help me plz! reply


AMV Convert Tool 3.75 this is name!
link deleted :( reply


i’m using mp4. but it can only plays amv format.

my mp4 come software 4.15. when i convert my avi files to
amv some how always error:“Success:0, Fail: 1(s)".

can any one pls help me on how to convert avi files to amv.
thnx. reply


Personally i use convertXtoDvD.
its great. depending on the size of your file. and your preferences it converts fast... and with high quality. reply


download reply


how to put AMV video in my MP3 or MP4??? reply


Tama wrote:
use vob2mpg from here

dont rename VOB to MPG do it properly, you may get unpredictable results with some VOB’s

Thanks Tama your method works perfect!! reply


Could always rip the files into a highly compressed .h264 and .aac file using an .mkv container.

Though, most prefer to avoid possible audio issues by using a copy of the original audio source (.ac3).

I usually use Fairuse wizard 2.9 for ripping a DVD into the mentioned formats with the mentioned container.

It usually gives me a 95% exact picture if not 100%. Only time I’ve seen flaws are when the source has been modified (I took a DVD9 and made it a DVD5 as I only had DVD5 discs)

Link to fairuse wiard:

Also for those users who want an alternative:
This is handbrake, it’s for linux, Mac, and Windows. reply


Use this online program. it works well and you don’t have to download anything.

+ it’s free reply


Boo reply


MPEG2 TS stage to the market in an unassailable state as the development of digital TV program. MPEG TS envelops a new state of lossless sound and video effect which means high definition and wonderful enjoyment of your ears! This <a href=“">MPEG2 TS Converter </a> is a good friend for your family; clear image and Acoustic sound join into a delicious dish to give your appetite. MPEG2 TS Converter is available for almost all formats as avi, mp4, mkv, dvd, ect. If you choose MPEG2 TS Converter, a colorful life will present before your eyes! reply


<a href=“”><b>F4V Converter</b></a> reply


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