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Hail guyz,
i have a serius problem... I have a Sony Cybershot N1 the one with the 3"screen and 4gb Memory stick... i have alot of videos in my pc that i wanna convert them and play them on my Cybershot...

The file wich is beeing exported from camera, is mpeg1video 640x480, 30fps, 10457kbs

i tryed convert my files to the exactly same video format but nothin happens... :/ :/
plz... HELP ME!!! reply


ok... i see, nobody cant help me...
so i found something by myself, for some idiots who said that what im looking for is impossible...

the utility is the “digital camera media studio” and is demo, (only 3min max length video)!!

in every crack-hack sites i found only serial wich is impossible for me to setup... plz...
again... 2nd time

help now to crack this awesome software for sony & casio!!!

thankzzzzzzz alot reply


Hello I have the same problem as you for a very long time, I’m good at founding cracks and serials, but I dedicated a lot of time 1 year ago to this software with no results. I’m not so sure to start all over again, but if I know something I absolutely will help you. see you.

Also if you know something please let me know, my mail

good luck for both of us! reply


This is probably one my favorite kind of topics.
There was a gigantic thread about something similar here some years back, but it was for ASF files, not MPEG files.

I looked at a sample MPEG-1 file from the Sony Cybershot N1 using GSpot 2.70a. One of the lesser-used buttons is the one that shows the GOP structure (little blue button). (If you don’t know what it is, look at the very bottom of this post). The MPEG-1 file is I-frame only. So at a minimum, you would need to at least make sure your created MPEG-1 files are I-frame-only.
In TMPGEnc Free Edition ( - pick your language, then the download button is at the top, between “About TMPGEnc” and “Forums”), the setting is under Settings at the bottom right, “GOP Structure” tab. Click on “I picture only”.

Naturally this may not be the only setting that’s required to make a video decodable by the camera, but it’s a start.
Try sticking to your samples' resolution (640x480 on my sample, but maybe the camera produces other sizes), audio codec (MPEG-1 layer 2 on my sample) and other settings (about 10 Mbps bitrate, 30 fps for video; 64kbps, 32KHz, mono for audio - again for the sample I tested)

Additional info:
A little primer if you don’t know what GOP is. GOP = group of pictures, and it’s basically how MPEG frames are grouped. You have I frames (intra frames), which contain a whole image (just JPEG-compressed I think) and require no computation to get to (kind of like a keyframe in AVI files - frames you can jump to without computation). Then you have P frame (predicted frames), which are computed from the previous frames. Basically instead of having the whole image, it only stores what’s changed since the previous frame, saving a lot of storage - however it requires more computing power. Then you have B frames, which are bidirectional frames and are computed from both previous frames and the upcoming I frame. As would be expected, those are even smaller, but much more computationally complex.

P.S: I’ve tried some other samples from Sony camera models (not many) and I sometimes get IPP or IIP (just GOP of length 3 mostly), and I think I saw IP once as well. Have not seen any with B frames so far. reply




You have to use a software to convert videos. I used to convert VideoCharge Studio.

I had about 100 files and very easy convrt all files with adding watermarks and dont change video format.

I think it can help you reply


I am also in search of software convert video files from pc to my cybershot.
did you get digital camera media studio full version
or get any other software like digital camera media studio to convert videos to sony cyber shot mpg videos. reply


So you want to transfer videos from your PC to your camera? It is a strange need. Well, you need to know what video format and codec you camera can play and try to convert the video to that format. reply



i have sony cyber shot W1 its video format is mpg. and i tried more than 10 video converters but only one converter can make a suitable and valid video file “digital camera media studio” but it is demo only covert 3 min video i am in search of full version or crack file and i found it “" but it show an error not responding when ever i am trying to download. Please any one can help me to find crack file or anyother similar software then reply. Thank you. reply


I have a program named Super by eRightSoft which works beautifully however ive got no idea how to work it to its full potential for example how to convert my video without ruining the quality..
Google, DL the program and try working it out. :):)
Hope this helped reply


Btw the program should be 100% free :) reply

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6.6.00632

Perfect for converting videos, no loss of quality.!! reply


well friends i am also looking for the same software for a long time but unable to make it. Plz help if you find any such software
My email- reply


what i did, is to capture the movie from my monitor and it all does the trick! just be patient with the quality.. reply


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