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Well i finnaly found out how to do it... all that i had to do was just download an all recording program and play the songs and record them at the same time, it was quite the easy if i do say so myself reply


yo ho ho and a bottle of yum wrote:
ive been trying for so damn long to just get some songs off this site

like there are buttons on that site that let u preview the songs and i want to be able to keep that preview on my computer so that i can burn it onto a cd

Everytime i use a converter it looks like it works and i get excited but it doesnt do anything

Is it even possible to get .ram files from the internet onto ur computer?!?!

because i really really reallllllllly want these damn songs!!!!!

GAHHGHHH help me paweeesee?!

install httrack
(Yep, download Google for offline use) reply


hi! can you convert mp3 files into 1kb instead of 4 mb? thanx. reply


hello, is there any way i can convert ram to rm so i can burn it in real player, thanks in advance reply


how i can open the RAM file reply


im trying to get the ram file here:

it downloads the file to my hd and it wants to open it in media player but it cant recognise it as a supported file type!!!

oh.. and i use opera 9.10 and latest mozilla reply


I am having the same problem playing a .rm file. I am on the KKK website and would like to watch the latest Global Minority Report but can’t. :-( reply


Tsuyosa_sama wrote:
Hey does any body know the Registration key to the Eo-video?

Hey you can get any software keys from the below site:

Prakash reply


for you reply


Fred wrote:
Step 2 didnt come out right...
Try this, but replace ( and ) with the normal HTML tag brackets.

2) Open notepad and create a line with (A HREF=" -- Inser URL from RAM file ---") My File (/A)

this idea works use this: <a href=“url_from_file”>Download file</a> reply


The idea by fred works - use this construct:
<a href=“url_from_file”>Download</a> reply


My method for downloading & converting RealMedia files

Tools used:
Orbit Downloader (freeware)
Supports most media stream protocols and as an .flv grabber. Alternative FlashGet

Free RM to MP3 Converter (freeware).
Simple single purpose app. The author of this as a few other great converters. Alternative SUPER

1. Finding the media’s URL.
for example the BBC Radio Player ( some shows they offer a link (.ram) to listen through a external player with these Right-click > Copy Shortcut and go to step 2.

but if there is no visible link to the RealMedia Stream file (.ram/.rpm) because it relies on a embedded player, for these use IE & Firefox’s 'View Source' feature. Right-click (on the embeded player area) > View Source > then find the .rpm address it will look like this: /radio/aod/shows/rpms/radio2/goodmorningsunday.rpm, just add '' to the beginning.

Firefox’s 'View Page Info' (right-click context menu) is also very effective in finding the media source address.

2. Extracting the actual file’s address.
Now we know what the whole address looks like:

Launch Notepad > click File > Open > type/Paste the URL (works with .ram links as well) > Open.
It should reveal the URL to the actual .ra media file like this: rtsp://

3. Downloading & Converting.
Launch Orbit Downloader > New > Paste the revealed URL (rtsp:// > OK.
Then convert the complete file using Free RM to MP3 Converter.

Hope it’s useful,
Sir Prancelot reply

hi. need heeeeeellllllppppp!!!!! how do i downloam.ram files(video) to my computer? I was able to watch them by installing realplayer BUT i want those files in my computer so bad. I want to upload and share the videos in my multiply site. Please!??? Thank you. Im not computer savvy, huhuhu. reply


downloading realmedia files

Two ways for getting the full .ram address

1. With the wanted file playing in realplayer go to 'File' on the player’s top menu, then 'Clip Properties' next click 'View Clip Info' and the url should be visible next to 'File Name'

2. where you normal click to launch these .ram files click the right button on the (right-handed) mouse this will bring up a little menu on that click 'Copy Shortcut'

Once the .ram address as been copied.

Open up Notpad click File, then click Open, hover over white box next to 'File name' right-click to bring up the little menu and click Paste, the address that appears will hopefuly end with .ram now click Open

what should appear next is the url/address to the actual RealMedia (video or audio) file. if so it will begin with 'rtsp://' and ends with '.rm'

now you’ll need a Download Manager which can handle media streaming protocols i.e. rtsp:// (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

Orbit Downloader and Flashget will do the job
just type or paste the address which ends with .rm
Converting RealVideos

“Free iPod Video Converter” (freeware) -
Converts DVD/VCD and AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB to MP4

“Any Video Converter” (Free version) -
It can convert almost all video formats including DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to MPEG-4 reply

I’m also confused by this. I’m trying to get some .ram videos from the following site:

Can anybody give me some advice on getting the .ram files onto my hard drive?

Many thanks. reply


Replay Audio (NOT Realplay) reply


Why don’t you just do the following. Find the download location for the file. Then open the following webpage and in the location enter the address, then click on which file type you wan’t it to be converted too. reply


HS wrote:
I tried this converter:

It worked beautifully - but only free for 60 secs of conversion, otherwise you need to pay US$30 for the real thing.



how to watch those fucking chanels from tv
i downloaded it and what to do ? ? ?
i can’t convert it,open it
this sucks reply


i love music reply


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