Camera Conversion problem

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sorry my bad english My türk

I have a TCL brand camera.
information on AVI file
I want a cinema in these properties
I can not do in these properties.
makes the
I can use my camera
As a mp4 player
virtualdub, Video Convert Master
bad results
can not
MJPEG Bitrate
MULAW bitrate
camera does not show

2 gb SD card has
I guess
90 minutes cinema
Size does not matter

Which tool do
. reply

Yes that’s right. I understand now you are snyiag it’s faster to copy the index than rebuild it. On a fast LAN that would make sense.A workaround that is very similar to that is to simply copy the entire good server’s datafiles to the new or out of sync member, and then restart it with fastsync. That should effectively do the same thing, although perhaps suboptimal in terms of how much work the administrator has to do. Also at issue is that you need a snapshot of the datafiles from the other node, so you would need something like LVM or EBS or to take the source member’s mongod down temporarily. reply


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