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Are there any plugins for Adobe Premiere 7.0 that will let me import ogm or mkv format flies? or do i have to convert them? I really hope i don’t have to convert it would just take way to much time =( reply

very easy...

this method may import the file w/o the audio if the ogm or mkv has multiple audio streams. It’s not a plugin but a separate program called AviSynth. Install it from and create a script, which is a text file that looks like this (with quotes):


save the file, change the extension from ".txt” to ".avs” and load the script into Premiere. If you have problems with the audio (and if you don’t NEED it) add this on the second line:


hope I helped! :p reply


Thanks for trying to help Gepetto,

But there’s something not right here. Why download AVISynth and then never use it?

I’ve created the script file as you advised with a TEXT EDITOR, but of course get

“No importer found that supports this file type”

Because of course Premiere has no idea how to decode the file. (as per the problem!)

If this is a solution, there must be much more too it that has not been said, because the method just described is clearly nonesense. How will Adobe know what filters to use?

~Rog. reply


Okay, sorry if the last post came off as raving.

This method works well with Windows Movie Maker and MPlayer2 (and most media players which use the system codecs for decoding).

HOWEVER, Premiere does not, and therefore just sees the script as a corrupted video file. I don’t think it is possible to use Premiere with AVISynth.

But it works GREAT with Windows Movie Maker (and most Microsoft operating systems are distributed with this!) Use this! reply


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