VOB files on dvd, having a devil of a time....

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Hello! I’ve had an old VHS tape converted to DVD, which plays nicely in any player I stick it in but now I’d like to splice it up into little 4 - 5 minute scenes. The dvd has four VOB files on it that, when I convert to MP4s (thru free Prism software), don’t play. I get a little random flash of footage and then the sound cuts out, as well. Just a minute or so per vob file, tops. Useless.

I was able to create an MP4 file, though, somehow. I forget how, it’s been a blur... I tried to splice the movie up in MovieMaker but that seems to be a program for putting little movies together, not taking a long movie and breaking it up. At first, I used the “split” tool to separate scenes but then that crapped out halfway thru the 120 minute playback was done. Just sorta froze at a certain point, and refused to play any further. But, I can play the whole movie in dvd player or via dvd play program like Windows Media Player or PowerDVD DX.

So then I tried playing the MP4 in Quicktime, but I got error 2048 “Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands."

I tried renaming as .MOV and .AVI, to no avail.

I even purchased Quicktime Pro (for windows) in case that might’ve helped... no dice.

Anyone have any ideas? It’s killing me that I can’t figure this out, seems like a no brainer. I have hilarious footage from old high school “variety show” from way back in 1987 and I just need to chop it up into the various skits/songs/etc. to post to YouTube. How can this be so hard??!!!

OMG, if anyone can help me, please chime in. I will be eternally grateful, and also, many many old fogies in their 40’s will rankle with humiliation if I can get these online. Comedy gold, I tell ya. Thanks for listening. reply

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