Windows Movie Maker problems... unable to save the compilation i've made to a movie!

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OH MY GOD. I am trying to edit a video and it keeps fucking crashing every time i open it DX
Theres no help online or anything either! It’s just buggy and broken!
I’m starting to notice a pattern with all microsoft products. It’s either simplified crap, doesn’t work or just fucking stupid to use.
I might acctualy consider moving to a Mac. reply


ok so this is really bugging me..... how can you make such a crap program in the first place?? I made a short video and all the video clips in it currently don’t go - only the photos and there is no way to save what I’ve done and I have a whole lot of other crap I should be doing and instead I wasted far too much time on this stupid a hole of a program that works really well until you need to save it. damn this stupid thing reply


This is the most raggedy piece of shit I have ever encountered, like most windows products. reply


most of the royalty free or copyright free will not come on WMM of the pictures did acuallu sasy something like " not for use on WMM.." I wpuld like to know of a good software and willing to pay for it..b ut I dont want to buy one and then have the same problem..any suggestions..???Ed reply


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