Windows Media Player C00D1199 Error message

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Windows Media Player C00D1199 Although I can play MOV files in VLC player and other players, just pisses me off when using WMP 10 and OS Windows 7 and get such stupid conflicts....even problem with Quick Time Player, checked version online and doesn’t play when using Irfanview which uses QTP. Anyone had same problems??? :) :) reply

ouioju reply


Mine is not a video problem, when i try to play an mp3 music file I am getting a C001199 error message...!!! please help reply


ok, ta, so should i do the AVS4U thing or try a codec pack?


Quick question I’m loiknog to get something that will stream from tv to tv..meaning I only want one cable box, blue ray player. etc and let me stream it to a tv in the kitchen or gym or living room. Does this company make anything like that? I hear Air TV is such a product however I can’t find any videos about it. reply


Can any one help me to get rid of this problem? reply


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