which movie format best to download and how to burn dvds

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i have read all forums, but still cant find a stable answer, i am trying to download movies i have previously owned but dont know which movie format download is best, i mainly stick with downloading avi files, are there any better format i can download to give me close to dvd quality? also what best torrent sites are best to achive download dvd quality reply

In short (my own experience): download DVD/BR ripps (.mkv container and .x264 codec are the advance combination,but .xvid is ,still,a fine variant)+ convert it to proper DVD for standalone DVD-players (chapters,etc.) with VSO´s ConvertXtoDVD (you can even add some of your own subs,audios,backgrounds,and have suprisingly good quality). reply


i use dvdflick to convert to dvd, is that a good quality converter? i want something with good picture quality reply


Decent enough for a freeware app,but ConvertXtoDVD is the best (even crappy shots can look fine enough once coded by it).Take a couple of days,move around some forums (find advice how and where to get it 4 free),and you´ll stick with it 4 years(that´s how good it is) reply


i been hearing from people that avi dvdrip files are best? whats the difference between mkv and avi, and which of the two are closest to dvd quality? reply


.avi is a codec,and .mkv is a video container (.avi file can be wrapped inside .mkv-form too).Think of .mkv like a box in which you can put separated (.divx,.xvid,.x264...) video stream + one or more audio-streams + a bunch of subtitles and choose (during playback) which combination you want to use.Most of older stand-alone DVD-players can´t play .mkv´s,but a newer ones (some HP,LG,...,Chinese no-name models are capable of playing it.
Question of quality is rather simple-better source-file(which will be ripped),and the bigger bit-rate (during ripping) gives a better quality (so your choice should be : 2cd´s ripps rather than one cd´s,or regular DVD/Blue Ray ripps rather than Cam/DVD-screener ones).Before downloading one,always check tech-info about ripped movie.
The codec...Well,.x264 is newer,smaller,better (e.g.700Mb of .x264 looks way better than 700Mb.divx/.xvid file.Even DivXPro Team is moving towards it ).It is the future,but the choice is yours,and only yours (.avi is still a fine choice,and it is more compatible with older players).
I mentioned ConvertXtoDVD as a excellent tool to convert some of your downloaded movies back to proper DVD-form (and for most 90-120 minute movies/crappy rips/black and white movies this app can do magic). reply


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