What apps. burn production-quality DVDs?

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I came across a bootleg of a recent movie. This copy worked in a very picky DVD player and worked exactly as a regular DVD would.
I want to know what kind of app I can download to make DVDs like this after either downloading a movie or ripping it.

I have

-“DVD Magic © Longsoft Games” to rip DVDs
-a DVD/CD ROM drive
-a 8x speed DVD RW/R drive reply

Try DVDLab by Mediachance:


Its easy to use, and has a ton of features. reply


for best results if the movie is on dvd i will copy that using dvd shrink the only time i download a film if its on at the cinemas and i always use ritek disks reply


The best dvd copy program ive ran across is 1click dvd copy used with anydvd to remove copy protection and region codes. DVD:ab is great for authoring dvd with full functional menus like the ones you buy in the store. I made a movie of “my best friends birthday” which is actually quentin tarantino’s first film, and i had an extras menu with 2 movies clips that showed how quentin has been ripping off movies to make his own. Not to mention a menu for the chapter selections. Those three programs are all i use, and theyve never let me down. reply


I agree with Zero.I’ve made a copy 1:1 of a dvd using the same combination 1Click/Any DVD with no compression on dual layer dvd9 and looks amazing.For making dvd’s from a download I found a new encoder with an easy interface and very fast at www.mainconcept.com called MainConcept H.264.About 35 minutes per cd convertion time and quality is much better than VSO DivX to DVD.The demo is going to put a logo in upper left corner so look for a serial for H.264 v1.0.Another combination to copy dvd’s is DVD Fab and DVD Idle.Good Luck. reply


You guys all rule. Thanks much for the help!! reply


have a try for mac dvd creator reply


The short answer is yes. There are aaepipncls out there that will allow you to edit video without a pc. You probably could find some equipment on E-bay if you type in Linear editing equipment, Lanc edit controlers, etc.The problem is you will need a controller two monitors and two decks. (One being a player and one being the record deck.) In addition you will probably need a stand alone DVD burner. I have not done a price check on that recently, but I know at one point you were looking at around two grand for that type of equipment used. (That was amatuer equipment, for professional equipment you were looking at a lot more money.) For about the same amount of money you can purchase a nonlinear system like a casablanca. My only issue with an appliance like that is they are difficult to upgrade and don’t play well with other things like photo editing software.I think you would be better off buying a MAc Mini for $600 with extra memory, and a Super Drive DVD burner. It comes with I-movie and I-DVD which are great stand alone editing and authoring programs for beginers. The CPU is small and with a KVM Swicth you can use the same Keyboard mouse and monitor as your PC. Less money than a linear system, More controlable than a linear system, Less space than an editing appliance like a casablanca, and upgradeable. Whats to loose?TonyPS. Linear systems are faster than non-linear systems for event style videography like weddings or church services. especially if you only want to add titles. reply


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