VLC Codec Issues

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I recorded a movie clip on VLC, converted it to AVI, and added it to a PowerPoint presentation. It works fine on my computer, but when I transfer it to the computer where I’ll be giving my presentation, the sound doesn’t work. (Video plays fine.)

We tried it on my husband’s computer, and get the same issue unless he plays it directly through VLC. I don’t think the school computer (where the presentation will be given) has VLC, so that is not an option.

How do I fix it so it works properly? reply

You’d better play the video using Windows Media Player, because PowerPoint only supports video formats supported by WMP.

You should convert it to WMV format using free video converter (google search) if WMP can’t play it. Then insert the WMV video to Powerpoint.

Or follow the MS guide to solve your problem.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291879 reply


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