Using Nero 7 Premium to burn Miro videos files onto DVDs

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I run on XP Professional, fully updated, and Nero 7 Premium. I have downlosded videos using Miro with BitTorrent, and have saved the Miro video files onto my hard disc. These play perfectly on my PC.
I want to burn the downloaded video files onto a DVD which can be played by a DVD player, as backup. Nero does not recognise the Miro video files. Please can someone explain whether Nero can burn Miro files onto a DVD?
If so, what exact procedure, steps, do I need to follow? reply


I downloaded a movie which has a MIRO file therefore NERO-7 doesn’t reconize the file what ca i do plz reply


The Miro media player does not actually change the files that you download with it. Before you can burn the files dowload with it to DVD you need to decide how you want to burn them.

In case you want to burn them manuelly and directly, all you need to do, I believe, is to create a new data CD/DVD project in Nero 7, and then add the different files from Miro manuelly. This requires that the files you have download using the Miro media player are supported by your DVD player. reply


i wished to burn a mpg file video file to DVD but it didn’t burn all what it does was that it trans coded and then when it come up to the term of burning then it ejected the disc warning that insert empty disc into the drive while my disc was empty

some one help!! reply



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