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Hi guys. Im kinda new to this sort of thing and i wanted to ask some questions if you don’t mind.

1. When you are going to make a copy of a ps2 game (i wanna do one i own the game so i think its legit)does it have to be a CD-R or a DVD-R

2. Will i need a chip to play these games?

3. Once i have a copy of all the files from the game cd what do i do?

Thanks for your time. reply


U can google 4 a software called DVD Squeeze. It not only copy DVD movies but Video games s well of all kinds. Fits well on just CD-R. reply

I can;t use it you have to pay for it reply


Sorry..that I didn’t mention that it’s a shareware. DL the software n find a crack 4 it. reply



OK ty for the help reply


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