Recent problems playing AVI files on DVD

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I’ve been putting AVI files onto DVDs for a while now using Cyberlink Power2Go. But towards the latter part of last year the DVDs I was making stopped playing in the DVD player. The DVDs I made previously still play fine, but suddenly the DVD player doesn’t want to know. I thought it was either a problem with my DVD or software, and even paid to upgrade the Cyberlink version, but nothing changed. After chatting with a friend he said he was having the same problem, and has a different type of DVD player and uses different burning software.
Is this something Microsoft may have slipped in during an update? Has anyone else had the same problem and knows how to fix it. Getting fed up conveting stuff to WMV so I can play it through the xbox.
Any help appreciated.
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I can think of two possible issues. One is that which you mentioned that maybe the codec used has changed. The other is that maybe you started using a different DVD-+R disc when burning your video files? Discs from different manufactures or of different types +/-/RW etc. is supported in differing degrees by different DVD players.

To determine whether the codec has changed you could try inspecting some of the older files that work in your DVD player and some of the later files that doesn’t work in your DVD player using a free tool such as GSpot or AVIcodec.

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