Nero-Vision DVD Audio-Video Synch Problems

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I just finished two weeks fighting this. I found an answer. AVS Editor. It is 39 bucks.
Nero just cant burn it’s edited programs. Even if you export them they are fine, but in a mpeg file. Pull it back up and it is in sync, it is the burning where you lose sync. However Nero RecodeDVD works wonderfully.
Use AVS to edit or even Re edit a Nero exported file, just to resave it. Why? Because AVS saves the file as a TS file.
DO NOT BURN A DISC WITH AVS, It is not readable in all players. It makes RW dics into frizbees.
But now we have a TS file. Burn it with Nero RecodDVD - Video and it will burn a crisp DVD with Audio in sync.
It is a mess, but it works. AVS is a great editor. reply


Thanks Tekno, Works perfectly now. You’re a star! reply


I have a new JVC hard disk drive camcorder and had some of the problems listed here. I use NeroVision Express 3 and at first I had no audio and the video was jumpy.

After reading the thread I learned that .mod was a Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2.0 format. So, I purchased the DVD-video Plug-in from Nero for $24.99. That gave me audio!

When I burned the DVD, the audio was out of sync with the video and the video was jumpy. I learned from a thread to turn of the Smart Encoding under 'Video Options' when you click on 'More' on the Burn Page.

That didn’t really work. So, I looked further and while in 'Video Options' I clicked on the DVD-Video tab and changed Encoding Mode to High Quality and changed Audio Format to Dolby Digital (ac-3) 2.0

It worked! My DVD came out great. I don’t know if it was just one of the changes or all of them that fixed it, I’m just happy I can burn DVDs now.

I’m writing this to let others know how I got Nero to work. Hope it helps someone. reply


Actually i have not had this problem before. What versions of Nero are you using? I wrote a film 1 hour and a half long, and the sound was pretty much in line, as far as I can see. reply


Hi every1 im havin the same problem with out-of-sync issues so i was going to rename the '' and '' to '' and '' like Tekno said but before that i thought i would try downloadin the K-lite Codec pack and see if disabling Nero Digital MP4/MOV parser and Nero MPEG-1/2/4 & AVC Decoder made any difference. problem is i couldnt find Nero MPEG-1/2/4 & AVC Decoder on the list. i tried just disabling Nero Digital MP4/MOV parser by itself and i thought it had worked because it wasnt displaying the video wen it was transcoding but after watching the film on my dvd player it i realised the sync was still out quite badly. so then i thought i’d try and rename the files and see if that worked but now the files dont have extensions on them. ie.

NeVideo NeAudio
AX File AX File
467 kb 1,005kb

i could change the extensions on them last night tho so it doesnt make sense. re-installing nero has made no difference

if someone can help can they email me please: thanks in advance reply


lol fixed the file extension problem, i had to go into tools and uncheck the 'hide extensions for known file types' box. i will post another comment to let you know if renaming the files works. by the way i only have, and should i have a second ie. reply


It does bug me when people give incorrect links....... moreso when they suggest another program.. when all the enquirer wants is a fix for his already payed for expensive program ! reply


Disable Nero’s own codecs which forces the prog to use the system codecs:
In C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter, rename to and rename to
If you ever need to reverse the changes for any reason just rename the two files to what they were. reply


Problem.... I did exactly what 'Minty2577' suggests to do.......

“Once the above is done launch the Codec Tweak Tool on the list that follows you will only have the option to enable the Nero Digital MP4/MOV parser - do not enable. You should disable the Nero MPEG-1/2/4 & AVC Decoder”

But I was able to locate the Nero Digital MP4/MOV parser, but was not able to Nero MPEG-1/2/4 & AVC Decoder in the Codec Tweak Tool. What do I enable.... Nero Digital MP4/MOV parser instead???? Please help. I have Nero 7. reply


Hi all

I’m having the same problem as “gaps”. Have re-named the files in the DSFilter directory and have installed K-Lite and run the Codec Tweak Tool. I have disabled the Nero Digital MP4/MOV parser.

Audio and Video sync is as bad as ever.

I cannot find the Nero MPEG-1/2/4 & AVC Decoder in the Codec Tweak Tool. Am I missing something obvious? reply


I have no audio in nero vision when i put a downloaded movie (mpeg)on a dvd. The sound doesnt work is there someway to make it work. the dvd works fine reply


There is a simple fast fix for Audio sync, you need to disable the Nero decoding codecs ....

Find the files and (and and if using version 7) and rename them to and ...

These files should be in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter

Solved all my audio sync problems ...

FIXED ME RIGHT UP!!!!!!!! reply


When playing back video using Nero Showtime-
In the Showtime options- Check “VIEW”---“Show Additional Info on OSD”. This will show you the Video & Audio Info, kbit/s etc.
After Renaming these two files, this info is not displayed anymore. Rename them back and it appears again
Didn’t help with my sync problems. reply


I have nero vision 5 and one day it stopped during transcoding. I tried other burners and same thing. I was using it for a year before this happened. Getting frustrated by it. I downloded k-lite but do not know what to disable because it only says windows in it not nero. I know i am not a genious on it but can someone help.

I cannot transcode it justs closes after about 20 minutes reply


Not sure if this is the same sort of problem - just bought the Gateway netbook and HP DVD/CD rewritable drive from the Verizon store. Downloaded the included Nero 8 Essentials software...just want to play a DVD but there is NO audio. Audio is fine in the system, online and using the mic playback. Tried all troubleshooting but still no audio...not sure what else to try...any suggestions?
Thanks! reply


I am assuming that you are recording with windows media center into a DVR-MS file.

I have found that recording with nero live (which outputs the file to a MPEG Transport Stream file (.ts) and editing with sony vegas works perfectly for me.

Nero live takes a bit to get your head around first but seeing as you cant import a dvr-ms file into vegas and the avi output in nero vision isnt the best it is well worth it.
Also you get way more control of the aspect ratio and bitrate of the file in vegas and you can also crop the video.

Hop this helps reply


tekno god bless you my friend you´ve solved all my syn problesm you are the master of masters the mster of puppets thanks a lot thank you very much reply


supermac wrote:
Disable Nero’s own codecs which forces the prog to use the system codecs:
In C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter, rename to and rename to
If you ever need to reverse the changes for any reason just rename the two files to what they were.

i did this but window’s 7 just recreated the files so problem not cured. using nero vision 10. anyone any idea’s? reply


i download my movies and works ine but when i put it on to disc using nero 4 the sound id out of sync reply


I can’t find those two files to fix them.

Any other options?
For me, I download some files, convert them to .avi; play perfectly.

But when I burn to DVD, the sound plays at normal speed, but the video plays a good second or two faster than it should.

Answers? reply


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