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I created a dvd with 374 mp3’s, using the regular Nero dvd burning app. I did this for back up purposes. Then it occurred to me to try to play it on my dvd players. None of the 3 Toshibas which play mp3s on cd-r will play the mp3 dvd. BUT, my Gateway AR-230 DVD recorder DOES play it!! Unfortunately the AR-230 does not have 'shuffle' mode. ( can’t always get what you wa-ant.... la la la...)
Other than the ability to play mp3’s on dvd, this unit is so so ... reply



i understand perfectly your idea because i have the same problem with my DVD Player when i burned a DVD-R filled with MP3’s. i guess the firmware doesn’t permit that function. That’s what i’m reading those stupids from above on the understood where a DVD Laser beam is shorter than a “Normal CD Laser Beam”... please tell if you got the answer, i really need to start to use my player someday with music from a DVD and throw that bounch of Old and Scratched Mp3’s CDs. Good Luck reply


I just got a JVC KD-DV5100, and i went to put in my mp3 disc that worked on my older pioneer unit, and it barely reads the dics, and when it does, its all chippy. I seen someone talking about ID3v2 tags, that this headunit wont read them? basically what i am asking is what i have to do to get the headunit to play mp3 discs on rormal cd-r’s. I appreciate info in advance, and i hope the jvc guy or anyone can answer this before i put my fist through the darn thing, lol. Thanks guys! reply


Take a look at this, based on the description, it can play data DVDs (including dual layer) with mp3s on it. reply


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In answer to william rollins (Guest)


Just trying to understand what you want to do... It shouldn’t be too hard to burn a 600MB MP3 onto a 700MB CDR should it? For playback, you would need a CD player capeable of playing MP3s.

Incidentally, it is possible to put your MP3s onto DVD and have them play in a regular DVD player. It’s basically just a long movie where the video is just a still black image or song title or something. The rest of the DVD space contains the audio (the more compression, the longer the movie or the more MP3s). Audio DVD Creator is probably the easist way. You can do it by hand with other generic DVD authoring software though

If you are trying to fit your 2 hour 600MB MP3 (600MB * 8388.608kbits/MB / 7200sec = 699kbps! Not compressed very much is it?) onto a regular 80 minute audio CD that will play in any CD player, then it simply won’t fit. Can you edit out 40 minutes worth of comercials or anything like that? There’s another trick I’ve done before on low-fi mono audio like an audio book or something... You can use the left and right channels separately. Put the first 80 minutes on the left channel and the last 40 minutes on the right channel. Then play it back twice, once with the balance control set all the way to the left and again with the balance set all the way to the right. I use CoolEditPro or Audacity for editing.

Hope that helps...

Mike reply


I bought a DVD player at Radion shack for $39.95 around Xmas time, because it had a $20. mail in rebate. They had these on sale again around June 2005 with only a $10. rebate. I now have 4 of them. These players will play anything. CD, DVD, DVD-RW and I have put over 1000 songs on a DVD. You must put them in separate directories and move to the directory, but once there I press repeat folder and it will play forever. 8-1-05 reply


yes u can copy mp3s with record now but you still cant play them from dvd to dvd player!!!!i need to know what software will allow me to play mp3s to dvd player!!!!please help!! reply


Okay read most of what everybody has to say-
and I still have a few questions for you all.
[1] Has anybody figured out how to burn mp3’s using NERO from the harddrive to DVD-disc that will play on a DVD-MP3 player . Like some of you - I have been able to burn a DVD-mp3 disc using the DVD-mp3 function in Nero- But it doesn’t read on my DVd player which is supposed to be capable of reading such disc. Surprisingly it doesn’t have any problems reading data_CD’s with Mp3.I have heard somebody mention the DVD’S MIGHT WORK IF I USED an 'AUDIO' DVD instead of a data. How true is that? Anyhelp would be appreciated.
[2]Secondly, I have tried using 'DVD Audio Creator'.I used Nero to burn instead of the internal program that came with the software. It had 4.2 gigs of mp3’s -and literally took 9 hours to finish the disc which is ridiculous.I have a DVD burner that burns at 16X. Has anybody experienced this? I have looked around at the settings to see if there is a way to enhance the burning process- but to no avail.
Any help?
D reply


I searched & searched & FINALLY found a DVD player that will play MP3s recorded on a DVD-R. I burned 951 songs on a DVD-R, went to several stores w/the disc and tried the ones out that were supposedly both MP3 & DVD-R compatible. My findings varied. Some could read the disc, but only partially (ranging from ~50 to reply


Onkyo DV-SP302 plays MP3s recorded on DVD-R. I recorded 1301 songs & it plays them all. Even has random play. reply


According to

This type of disc is created when MP3 audio files are burned on a DVDR/W disc. Very few MP3 capable standalone DVD players support DVD-MP3 because most players verify DVDR/W as DVD-Video only."

The site’s compatibility list currently shows 427 players that supposedly play DVD-MP3 discs. Considering the hundreds of thousands (or is it millions?) of DVD-players that have been manufactured since 1997, 427 players is basically just a drop in the bucket. Keep in mind that many of those players would now be out of production. Hopefully, as time goes on and demand increases, more and more newer models will provide this feature.

Someone had mentioned Sony’s PS2, but looking at the user’s comments on videohelp, it appears you have to get a mod chip installed. (Forget that BS!)

Those JVC car decks look promising... I actually bought a JVC deck last year that could play MP3s, but unfortunately it only reads CDs. :( Maybe when I wear out my deck in a few years I’ll just pick one up that can play HD-DVD-MP3 discs. ;) reply


please help!

i just bought a 6160...i know it was recommended not to, but i did due to extra outs etc.

now, all the songs i listen to are 1-2 hours in length. i have read reviews that it will restart the song every time you restart the car.

i called JVC, and they said that it was ONLY a problem IF you have your mp3s in subfolders, then it would do that, otherwise not. sounds pretty retarded to me that subfolders make the difference, but..

this is fine i dont need subfolders, because i can just stick all the songs on the DVD like tracks of a regular CD, can anyone confirm that the songs will or wont start over? say i just have 10 songs, no sub folders, in the root directory or whatever, burnt on a DVD, and im at say 45:34 in a song, will it be there when i restart the car? reply


I too have tried to find a player for car or portable that will play MP3’s layed down on a DVD. So far, all I have found is that you can transfer MP3s onto another computer and play them, or you can play them from the DVD as if it was a hard drive, but ONLY on a computer.

It would be wonderful if this was possible. Maybe a Phat Noise system? I do not yet know of any solution.

I do believe that the music industry does not want the public to have this capability. Sony owns copyrights to much music and also makes equipment to play it. These two divissions have been at war with each other because their interests conflict. The music side does not want piracy and the boombox side wants to sell music players. I think the compromise is that the best you can get is mp3s on a CD that will play on boombox. No mp3s on DVD because that would be too good! Sorry.

The only hope I have found is the large gig ipod like mp3 players. Some have 20gb or more and this is good. Plus their prices are falling. Luck to us all. reply


Why would I want to get an “earlier” version of Audio DVD Creator? Is that free? reply


well guys i’ve found the solution... you can’t get it here in my country but it exists!

here’s your portable dvd player (it should play mp3’s from a dvd) reply


Well, the holy grail here is to have this:
to be able to burn a 'data dvd' with mp3 files
on a dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+r,dvd+rw, and probably all flavours of dvd dl (dual layer) as well
(wow, 8.5 gig on a dvd! with mp3s, whoah nelly!)

The solution: make a PORTABLE player that has a dvd lens that can read mp3 files on ALL dvd formats, record once and re-writeable.. all in the space of a portable cd player (discman style) that works on 2 2500miliamp (aa size nickel metal-hydride batteries) for at least 24 hours of playback time. Up until now, the only company that comes close to this holy grail is sony, who made a dvd-drive dvd-rom player that plays video as well and records all formats too, and connected to the computer via (mini-b) cable. Not sure if companies are up to the task.. sure hope they would, but most are still developing hard drive based and flash-memory style players at quite a profit margin, so they might not want to expand an 'oversaturated' portable player market with swapable dvds to be used as mp3 discs.. but that is the HOLY grail of what we all want, it’s natural as apple pie, now as dvd discs are just about as expensive as cdrs (fortuantely, or unfortunately, as the case may be) reply


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