How To Burn Digital Music Files In Excess Of The Average For A 700MB CD?

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A co-worker of mine has a standard CD-R (700MB) with 26 albums (not songs) of the Beatles downloaded to it.

I asked to to the CD so that I can see the file types used. To my surprise they were .wav files. However while viewing the CD content in Windows Explorer there were only about 4 .wav files, an .exe file, and something else.

To add more to my confusion the lyrics to every song displays on the computer when that song is played.

On the CD case was written, “May Not Play In CD Player”.

Now that I know it is possible to burn more than the approximate 16 songs to CD, I need to know of a way to accomplish this feat.

Is there anyone out there who can help me with this?

Thanks in advance for all responses to this post. reply

I’m confused with you........You said that it has 26 albums on one cd. A averge album comes with at least 10 songs, meaning that there would be about 260 songs on the cd. Not much of a beatles fan but 26 albums from one band has to be a record. Ok do this put the cd in your cd-rom and go to “MY COMPUTER” right-click and go to properties. Whats the size of the disk? Not over 700mb is it? And if you let the cd play from start to finish would it be over 80min long? Have you tryed to do a exact copy and if so did it prompt you saying not enough disk space when using a cd-r? reply



I have tried all of your suggestions previously to making my post, which is why I needed some insight on this.

The only other option I can think of is that the songs are burned on the disc as data instead of music files. Is this possible?

I will get the disc again tomorrow and take a longer look at it.



Ok, the questions i asked above, what are the answeres? Is there really 200 plus songs on the disc. And is the disc burnt over 700mb? And is the play time over 80min? I will do some searching but .wav files i think are compressed sounds, and thats why it wont play in a cd player. I know for a fact that .wav files are used in video games. But let me do some research. reply



Yes, there are 200 plus songs, there maybe 26 albulms but I am sure there are repeated songs from various compilation albums. The run time is longer than 80 minutes. I have to verify the space used on the disc. reply


Ok first .wav files are uncompressed and tend to be very large. How he did it was very easy, so easy it just might make you mad. He burnt the disc as a “Data disk” not a “Audio cd”
The reason why this works is that one you burn a “audio Cd” it tracks the disc as full when you reach the 80min mark but if you burn it as a “data disk” it tracks the disc as full when you reach 700mb. Considering most songs are only 3 or 4mb long that means you can put 100’s of songs on one “Data Disk” and only put maybe 18 songs on one “audio disk." Give it a try i’m sure you will be impressed. Happy burning reply




There is another thing that might’ve been going on here, and that is renaming. Files of 3 to 4 MB’s are too small to be WAV’s, so i think they are actually (compressed) MP3’s - renamed to .wav to make windows play them automatically - i think :P reply


compress into a zipped folder then burn. then it can hold 100’s i have got 689 songs on one 700mb disk reply


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