how the do i burn a 6 hour dvd ?

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I have loaded alot of movies on my PC from my Digtial Cam, i converted them using WinAVI converter, i was tryed to burn them on Nero, but i can’t burn the movies the file is too big what do i need to burn a 6 Hour DVD ? new burning software , or something new? reply


6 hours will look like crap

why would you want to do that

stick to about 2 hours per disk

you could create an oversized disc then shrink the hell out of it using dvdshrink

but it will not look good reply


6 hours of TV or support-type video definitel will NOT look like crap. Ihave many such DVDs and the quality is perfectly satisfactory. These kinds of knee jerks always piss me off. reply


Actually, it could be done. About 15-20 years ago, I was getting just about 5:40 on 4.7 GB DVD with regularity, with little if any loss of quality. Most likely had something to do with compression rates. I was using product from ULead on a Windows XP system. Problem was, as Windows kept upgrading the software became unstable. Then ULead was bought by Corel and that was that. I have to believe there’s still a product that can still do this.



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