How do you burn DVDs with VLC media player?

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I’ve been trying for a long time, but I just can’t figure out how to do it. Can someone help me? reply

your kidding right reply

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No, I’m not. I’m horrible with computers. reply


Ok then

you cant burn with VLC cause it a player not a burner

you should have got some burning software with your dvd burner (you do have a dvd burner yeah ?)

maybe Nero

check this site has lots of guides to help you reply

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Thanks. But I have another question, if you can answer it for me. I only use VLC because the movie I am trying to burn has 2 audio tracks and I don’t know any other players that can seperate them. Do you know of any that can that also burn? reply


Oh, forgot to mention that I am partially blind and have hearing difficulty as well. reply


im a little confused

first off “identify your source”

what video file do you have AVI MPG VOB WMV MOV Divx .....

then what do you want to do with it, burn to DVD or CD

to be watched on what ?

a dvd player or just on your PC

if it has 2 audio tracks , any dvd software player should be able to recognise the tracks

powerdvd, windvd, Media playyer classic, VLC...
are dvd players that ive used reply


how do I Burn a VLC file onto a dvd I have been looking for a couple of days now and still can’t do it so can you help please reply


whats a vlc file ? reply


I have an AVI file that I want to burn to play on DVD players... however when I go to burn it on Nero, it says “Unsupported file format”. Is it possible to fix that? reply


guys please help i have the same problem with JSP reply


I have a movie thats plays perfect with VLC but with out it it will not play with sound. I want to burn the movie from my burner but the movie will not play with sound without vlc. Is their anyway vlc makes a copy of the movie with sound so i can take the copy to be burn? reply


I have a movie that plays just fine when i drag it into vlc. But without vlc it will not play with sound. My question is how do i burn it with my burner but with sound. Do vlc make copies so that you can drag them out to the burner? reply


first off

ID what you got, what type of file is it

you can use a program called gspot to do this

when you know what you got then you can work out how to burn to a DVD reply


thank you Tama, I have a mac and cannot run gspot. What do you suggest else open file software? reply


i have a vlc type file, and i would like to burn the video to dvd. i am currently using nero vision to burn all my dvds, cds, ect. reply



I know you have gone over and over agiain about vlc. But I have tried to copy my film through power 2 go burner, windows media burner and cd burner xp pro3 But none of them are showing a picture.
I have sound but no picture. It is an avi file. I just dont get it. Can you pleas help reply


help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply


I can burn movies to dvds and cds but can only play them on pcs how do I burn files from my computer to dvds to play on any dvd player? reply




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