How do I play/burn .avi files?

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just download a dvd burner from the intenet, There are many shareware by free . reply

burning dvds these days is simple..but the problem i have is with using neroto burn my avis comes up with a timestamp in the top left hand corner which is very annoying does ne one know how to remove the timestamp reply


This is my first Blu Ray player, and I sencod Wewa’s comments. I’ve got a 50 1080p tv and the picture is fine, when it works. The Philips BDP7200 takes around two minutes to load the movie, and often will stop playing in the middle of the movie. There is nothing worse than settling in for a great movie, and then having the scene freeze 20 30 minutes in. Eventually, you can get it going again by reloading (2 or 3 times) but it really throws you out of the movie. Avoid it. reply


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