how do i burn avi movies to dvd with nero 6 ultra edition

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i have been trying to burn avi movies to dvd for two days now i am new at this and i need some help please, i have nero 6 ultra edition.Please somebody HELP ME. reply


You don’t...

I am being very cruel tonight. You need to convert it 2 mpeg2 format. I would recommend isong TMPGEnc but you will need a crack for more than the trial period. Warning - it is likely to take over 2 hours to convert on a P4 3.0Ghz / Athlon64 3400 or higher and 4-5 hours on Athlon XP 2800 (mine) or tho P4’s are better at it. Good luck. I want a P4 3.4Ghz... reply


there is a program named winavi video converter
and there is a wonderful site to learn what is vcd & dvd and how to use it reply


How to convert an AVI or MPEG into a playable DVD

Needed Apps:

Virtual Dub
TMPGEnc Plus
TMPG DVD Author:
NERO Burning ROM or Nero Express.

For AVI start here, if you have an MPG or MPEG file skip to step 5

Because most downloaded avi video have improper VBR audio encoding
you need to do a quick audio header rewrite with this app. (ETA 1

1. Open your .avi file in Virtual Dub

2. If you get a message saying “VirtualDub has detected an improper
VBR audio encoding in the source AVI and will rewrite.....etc” then
hit OK and continue to step 3, if you did not recieve this message,
you can close VirtualDub and procede to step 5

3. Under the Video Menu choose “Direct Stream Copy”.

4. Under File choose “Save as AVI..." and save the fixed file back to
your hard drive. When finished close Virtual Dub.

Next we need to encode the video into a suitable format for playing
on your DVD Player. This takes time, but there is no way around it.
(ETA 2-5 hours of encoding time)

5. Open TMPGEnc Plus

6. In the Project Wizard Menu select DVD - NTSC in the left panel and
“CBR Linear PCM Audio” from the drop-down menu and hit NEXT.

7. Choose the Video File and use the default values under Expert
Setting for Source. Hit NEXT.

8. Check “Clip Frame”. The Clip Frame window will open. Hit the
“Arrange Setting” button and choose “Full screen (keep aspect ratio)"
from the Arrange Method menu. (this keeps the video from stretching
out disproportionately. Hit OK. Hit NEXT.

9. The video will default to the highest possible bitrate, if you are
planning on fitting more than one video on a DVD you will need to
adjust the “Estimated File Size” or “Makes file size” percentage to an
amount that will fit your needs. (leave a little room for any DVD menu
graphics you may want.) Hit NEXT.

10. Choose where you would like the encoded file outputted. You can
then select whether you want to encode now or create another project
and run batch mode. Hit OK. Your video will encode now (if your not
batching). This takes time, depending on your system about 2-4 hours
for a full length movie. I suggest running it overnight.

Once your movie is encoded, you will need to AUTHOR your DVD. This
creates those fancy VOB files that the retail DVD’s use. (ETA 5-45

11. Open TMPGEnc DVD Author and create a new project.

12. Click Add File and select your newly encoded .m2v or .mpg file
you created with TMPGEnc Plus.

13. OPTIONAL: Click “Chapter cut edit” and scroll through to various
points of the movie and click the “Add current frame to chapter”
button at various points so that you can navigate in the movie better
on your DVD player. (Much faster than having to FF through the whole
movie cuz the power went out 3/4 of the way through). Click OK when

14. Now click “Create Menu” at the top. Use one of the presets or
choose new from the drop down and make your own. Also hit the “Menu
display settings” button to select whether you want the menu to
display or the movie to start automatically.

15. Once your satisfied with your menu, hit “Output” from the top.

16. Choose where you want the final DVD files to output (you’ll need
4GB+ of free space for a full DVD. Click Begin Output.

17. If you have Nero installed on your computer you can then use DVD
Author’s built in DVD Writing Tool and create the disc right after
encoding. Otherwise use your regular DVD burning software to burn the
files as a DVD-Video. (Consult your manual for this)

18. Once burned you’re all set. Test it out in your set-top DVD player!

Good Luck! reply



all of this is bullshit. ok, I have tmpgenc, encode the file, it makes two files: one is mpg and another audio. the problem is, what should I do next? how to burn that thing onto dvd disc? what should I use? nero? how?
I think it is bullshit to tell things without sense, it must be told like to understand simple: i convert it, i burn it and that’s it.
stop making this shit, tell just simply how to do it. all of this here is bla bla bla. if you want to help people, help them. no? just have yourself a good time at the pornos on the web, not advising people. you should advise people, share your knowing. reply


Hi, someone help me!
I have almost the same problem with my computerprogram, but I have nero 6 reloaded and I would like to transform my avi movie files to dvd disc. the problem is that I don´t know much about computers and the long explanation above could be foreign language. I have no idea what the person just explain. So please with simple word can someone tell me how to transform avi files to dvd or at least what program I need. reply


What you need to do is, Download the vision express plug-in for nero, if you have a legit copy of nero then you can get this at the nero web site otherwise you can download it via kazaa or something like that, I used ares galaxy to download all my stuff, at, hope this helps, by the way, it can take up to 4 hours to convert avi to dvd so you have to be patient reply



ok, the first thing and only thing is its not simple. I’ve been playing with movies on the comp for about 7 year’s, and i learn new stuff everyday.
ok, you’ll need at least 3 pragrams. Of course tmpg express{well known god of conversion progs}
a dvd authoring prog{i suggest tmpg dvd author}
and a dvd burner software.

Essentially you take your. Avi file and convert it With tmpg to an mpeg2 which is the standard for dvd.

then authoring it builds the files and folders to put on the dvd in the format and order needed.

Then simply burn it, if using tmpg dvd author and nero 6, it will burn itself when done authoring.

Ok so that’s the simple basics, i have a process i finally got right in which you can fit 3-4 converted .Avi’s on one dvd-r. With good sound and video bitrate as long as you have good source files.

If anyone wants these instructions just e-mail me, or i may post them on here if enough ppl want them.

Elshiznit0 reply


i am new to all of this,i just download two avi files that needs to be spliced together and burned to dvd can you please e-mail me detail instructions on what programs i need and how to use them.thanksin advance gary reply


I have found that AVI Joiner works pretty good to join AVI movies the I use WinAVI since I’ve found it to be reliable and fast when converting, the other nice thing about this program is that it let’s you burn to DVD once it’s done.

Good luck. reply


get Roxio 7.5....It has a tool called Divx to DVD and it is WAAAAY faster than Nero(about 1 hour per avi to convert.10 minutes or so to burn it.Way EZ to use also...good luck!! reply


i insist that winavi converter is a wonderful
program with it you can convert All-In-One AVI, DivX, XviD, MOV movies to vcd or svcd or dvd in a few nimutes then burn it easly in nero
you can find it here
serial number is
The fasted converting program" reply


i got retail does better then internet ver let me know want know how to get i did xvid little less pic quality since try make room to fit on vcd reply


Hey guys, i have done all the steps etc.
I burnt the DVD, But only get sound and a black screeen?

Any suggestions? Im stresssing out:P This is an assesment for my HSC which i have to hand in in a few days:(

Please guys any help would be really appreciated!

Nathan reply


Dear Folks, in special Clin and this 'Magnetas':

colin is a very helpful and expreienced teacher
for DVD-Burning of AVI-Files.

Magnetas is a pretentious, selfish, all-expecting,
but nothing-giving full IDIOT and ARSEHOLE,

it is my utmost pleasure to judge this situation clearly and objectively.

But Magnetas is right on one thing: It’s NOT the
ethically purest who is able to configure something with the most complex oversight!

We have to have a kind of resource that explains
all the needed things to us, so that we can ask simple questions and receive ALL-COVERING answers,

--> now: Colin didnt mention the Saving of the
Virtual-Dub-fixed .avi-File by TMPEnc into TWO
files, namely a M2V-File and a WAV-File for the Audio. TMPEnc always does that, even if you type in a .mpg-Filename in the Save Dialog!

But: The way that Magnetas reacts is unbearable,
primitve and simply dull and dumb, im really sorry, Magnetas, but read this and GET SELF-CONSCIOUS, as maybe many women told you:

Colin describes it so well, i follow his procedure exactly and without ANY Slightest problem.

Magnetas: If you want to state something like your question: namely: why TMPEnc saves the fixed AVI-File in 2 Files, simply ask and dont insult other people.

Some reasonable time, i’ll found a hacker goup who attacks people like exactly YOU, dearest little unmagnetic Pseudo-Magnetas!!!

greetings to all of you who are very much UNlike this 'Magnetissimus' terribilis! reply


sorry, me again:

i apologize also for bein so angry bout magnetas,
i found out that me, too, i have to admit i’m quite
fast in rage, and the statement of stupidity of others is always simple, me myself, i get frustrated a LOT cuz of the pc - i have certain things i wanna do like recording audio in high quality without stuttering, and here:

I got my avi-Files on DVD, Colin!!! Hooray, a
nice menu, but the pix are not taken in well and
the menu-editing is pure shit, either you take a presetting which can have max. 2 Movies on one menu-page, or you have to biuld up a menu yourself and then i see no way how to get to a menu where
i can have multiple movies on just ONE menu page without scrolling to a next one!

but my major concern for now: I seem to have a
visible LOSS OF SHARPNESS (!!!), when i compare
the avi-File and the burned DVD. i’m really not a superhack, but i was pc-supporter some years ago, and i think, if one follows colin’s directives,
one is likely to end up here: How to INCREASE Sharpness, if the avi-File is already encoded,
i.e. with DivX or so, OR: how NOT LOOSE that briliancy of display when you view the ORIGINAL avi-File i.e. in BSPlayer, the nice good best playa with the stepless zoom, the only thing with which you can watch a movie on a pc! or burn it and watch it with power dvd!
so thx for your answers on my 2 questions and til the next time reply


I followed Colin’s instructions and I found them very helpful.
It worked!!
Thanks for taking the time to teach us. reply


In reply to magnetas:

I have to agree with Replay O Colin.
Magnetas, get over yourself. Colin’s instructions were thorough, and fairly simple to follow.
Perhaps if you would actually try and familiarize yourself with your software instead of searching the internet for a guide that tells you every mouseclick and keystroke to make, you would not have so much trouble and would not have to flame everyone who does not live up to your unrealistic expectations.

Now, for my guide:
(and rip on me if you like, I’ll probably never be back at this thread again anyway)

I personally like VSO DivXtoDVD (google it) for converting AVI files to DVD format. It’s freeware, and it does a pretty good job. Then all that’s left to do is author your DVD in some way (if desired) and burn it with Nero or whatever.

Here are the steps (this is THE SIMPLEST WAY to convert an AVI and put it on a DVD):

1) Download and install DivXtoDVD (freeware) and DVD Shrink 3.2 (freeware).

2) Run the program, and select the files you wish to convert (note that the latest version only allows you to transcode one AVI at a time).

3) Convert these files.

4) Create menus, etc. with some sort of authoring software (optional). I don’t care how you get it; I don’t know where to get anything such as this without paying so don’t ask.

If you are trying to put a sinle movie onto a DVD, this is probably not worth the trouble since you will not be able to select any additional options such as audio or language. Additionally, DivXtoDVD automatically puts chapter splits into the converted movie every few minutes or so (I can’t remember the exact number, but in a 30-min movie there are about 5 chapters), so really the only reason to author here would be if you wanted to create a menu just to have one, or to create your own chapters navigate them through submenus and etc.

If you are putting multiple movies onto a single disc (i.e. episodes from a tv show), creating a menu(s) would be helpful for ease of navigation, however again it is completely optional. Another trick you could try would be finding a short AVI (1 min or less) to act as a segway between movies, so you know when you are about to view the next movie on the disc (if it is not already obvious).

5) Burn them onto DVD. If the output file(s) is/are too large to fit on one disc, you can compress it using DVD Shrink 3.2 (also freeware) or split the VOB files up between two discs.

For one large movie, there is a freeware program that will allow you to split the movie onto two discs (see Doom9 below). I just prefer to use DVD Shrink.
For many movies, you can either shrink them so they all fit on one disc or simply move a few of them onto another disc. DVD Shrink also allows you to “reauthor” your disc, which means you can click Reauthor inside the program and select the VOB files you wish to include on that particular disc. And yes, each VOB file is a Video OBject or movie in DVD format.

For more comprehensive guides on DivXtoDVD and DVD Shrink, and free DVD-related software, visit

and check out their guides. Sorry I can’t be of more help than that, magnetas, but doom9 has already created full guides on the software listed above and the time and space required for me to recreate them here would be ludicrous.

Familiarize yourself with your software using whatever guides or info you can find, THEN try asking for help.

I hope this helps you guys figure out how to get those AVIs onto a DVD.

-- The Dude reply


Oh and I forgot to say that it is quite rude to bitch at someone who is trying to help you.

Additional notes to my above guide:

.vob reply


This is the file extension for Video OBjects. These are the actual converted movies in DVD format (and yes, I know about MPEG-2, no need to lecture me. however, this is the default format used on the actual DVD disc).

Put these files into the Video_TS folder that will be on the disc (NERO); if you are using DVD Shrink, simply click “Reauthor”, then drag and drop the VOB files into the “DVD Structure” window. Be sure to put them in the order in which you want the movies to play, from top to bottom.

--The Dude reply


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