how do i burn an mpeg-4 video file to a dvd

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how do i burn an mpeg-4 video file to a dvd. i have tryed nero and alcohol 120% but niether support the mpeg-4 format. does anyone know of a program that supports mpeg-4 and will burn it to a DVD? is mpeg-4 the right format for a dvd? someone please answer my questions this is getting more and more frustrating and is really starting to pis me off!!! reply

You need Mpeg-2 files to burn your dvd... well it has to be authored and converter in .vob files, wich will be contained in your VIDEO_TS folder, but you dont have to worry about this part, you burning or authoring app will deal with this...

all you have to worry is converting your mpeg-4 (web format) into mpeg-2 (dvd video format) .... than you should be able to do something

have you tried cinema craft encoder? (maybe you should go on their website to make sure it supports mpeg-4..

go at

in the guide section than in DVD backup, you have a lot of info about mpeg-4.. and also in the Convert secdtion, the topic about Format conversion

im sure it will help you reply


Hey!!!! Where is my fucking thank...huh???????(4 the infos that I have given U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply


TopsyTurvy , explain yourself... why all this anger, and what info did you gave?

if you expect to oget flowers when you help somebody, maybe you don’t do it for the good reason...

this is a help community, and it should be peacefull reply


Is it that hard 2 just write the WORD thank? Even if this a help community, I xpect ppl 2 have some manner. U just don’t take n U? I wonder what do they learns @ school nowaday.
Ask him!!!!!!!!1 reply


i agree with you, i am always show some recognition when i ask for some help, and always say thanks also....

i just thought that you expressed your anger a bit too much....

nothing personnal, and like i said, some recognition is always welcome, of course

have a nice day reply


Since that U r so polite..n about ur DVD burning problem..I guess U will have 2 update ur Nero Software 2 the latest edition..depending on the version itself.(that U r using)
PS: U don’t have 2 close Nero if U r planing 2 use it 4 ur 2nd compilation after U have finished burning the 1st. Just click start a new project again. reply


TopsyTurvy if you gave me info i might not have read it yet. i have multiple posts in a few forums and i might not have read it yet. but thanks for post an answer to one of my questions. reply


:) reply


ayt guys i gta problem i converted an avi format to mpeg 4 how do i put that mpeg 4 on disc?

if you could help me that will be great.

thanks reply


Ive been stuck and fusterared ! I downloaded the free any vidio converter that should work ! I dont see why it dosent come with my computer reply


Total Video2Dvd is a good choice. it can “Auto Convert and Burn MKV, Blu-ray TS, M2TS, AVCHD MTS, HDV1080i, Divx, Rm, Wmv, Avi to DVD Video Disc directly.”
hl=en&q=Total+Video2Dvd&btnG=Google+Search&aq=o&oq= reply


search a dvd burner can support mprg-4, then import your files and wait to burn~ reply


richard solis reply


Geeze, Im glad I dont have any questions to ask reply


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