how do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

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hey why didn’t you answer me? i really need to burn this mkv to DVD so please tell me how to, or tell me what software to use.

I don’t have a clue concerning video compression sor I don’t know what to do... reply



this is the first mkv that I am encountered:
I can play it in windows mediplayer, The audio is Mex and the subs is spanish.

How can I hear the Jap dubbed.
How can I remove the spanish sub (I want to see no subs at all)
How can I see the Fr sub.


Leopold reply


I found this most helpful especially for those mkv files with dual audio. reply


hmmm yeah but DVD santa is not free.

i am trying to find a way to do that freely (if it exists)

can anyone answer please? reply


DVD is MPEG2, and for this reason every DVD conversion tool will require a MPEG2 encoder.

Such encoders CAN NOT be free, as the MPAA will require license fees for every encoder binaries out there.

matroska project admin reply

dvd santa can be free if you pick it up from a torrent with the crack. reply


how do a burn a divx format movie to cd or dvd disk so it ca play on my dvd player that can not play divx movies what do i need reply


I tried using the Santa DVd conversion thingy but it keeps telling me that it is an unsupported audio stream? What the heck does that mean? Any help with this would be appreciated. reply


Is anyone here able to help me? I would really appreciate it as I need to burn these files to a DVD within the next few days. Please, any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. reply


The audio track in your MKV is very likely a 5.1 Dolby surround 6 channel AAC, and DVD Santa cant encode that to anything that is DVD compatible (namely 5.1 AC3).

The only way of getting this done is to

- get mkvtoolnix from , install it, fire up mmg.exe and load your MKV file

- disable all the audio streams (=languages) you are not interested in (i.e. remove the hooks), specify a new file name and create a new MKV (press 'start muxing'), containing only the one audio stream you are interested in

- load the special installer of Foobar2000 (, enable matroska plugin, and load your MKV file in it

- convert your 5.1 AAC audio track into a high bitrate Stereo (=2.0) MP3 track (320 kbps, the maximum). To do that, right click on the MKV file, goto 'conversion settings' and specify MP3 and the bitrate as out put format. The make another right click and do a 'start conversion'

- load the MKV file in mmg.exe (mkvtoolnix) again, untick the remaining AAC audio track, and 'add' the new Stereo MP3 file. Mux a new MKV with the MP3 audio instead of the AAC audio

- retry DVDSanta


matroska project admin

P.S. Alternatively you could also make sure that ffdshow_audio is doing the decoding on DirectShow for all AAC tracks, as DVD Santa is using DirectShow to read the MKV file, and enable 5.1 to 2.0 (Stereo) downmixing in the ffdshow settings, for all 5.1 audio tracks reply

Thanks for the help. I will give it a try. I’m not the most computer literate person so it may or may not work. Thanks a bunch either way. reply


Also trying to convert the .mkv verson of Final Fantasy VII AC to a DVD recordable format.

I tried to convert with VirtualDubMod
got the error,
only handle [S Text/]subs for the moment.

I then used mkvmerge 1.6.5 and remade the .mkv file with out the S_VOBSUB file(for jap subs) leaving the S_TEXT/UTF8 file for English Subs.

I used this new file with VirtualDubMod and was presented with this warning;

MVK Subtitle stream (3) contains overlapping subtitles. Some may not be kept when editing.

I converted this file into an .AVI file that opens and plays however there is two problems. The sound is nolonger synced with the video, it seems about 2-3 seconds off from the video. There also isn’t any subtitles. The Subtitles I am less concerned about. I used Direct Stream Copy when I made the AVI files. Any suggestions how i can fix the sound? reply


Can’t edit my post from before, but after watching the video it seems that there are times where the video pauses, so that Could also be causing the syncing problems. Its really odd because one time it will pause at 00:06 for a second or two, then I save the file again and it would pause at 00:12 not sure whats going on. reply


If your MKV is an anime, than its likely a VFR (Variable Framerate) rip, and AVI has no suport for that. You better try going to DVD directly with the DVD Santa method described on in the Guides section.

matroska project admin reply

Well I got the DVDSanta but it does a horrible job with the subtitles, hell it even screws up its own advertisments. They are off center, I have burned a Full Screen and a Widescreen and they are both the same. Any clues how to fix this? reply


How does it work DVD Santa with the subtitles on the final video? they’re floating subs or they’re mixed with the final video image, if they’re floating subs they can be turned on & off?.

Thanks in advance for any answers about this doubt. reply


When using virtualdubmod to encode to avi to get sound I, open up the file, then go to streams and then streams list, select the audio file by clicking it then right click it and hit full processing mode, then i click save as wav file i usually save ast t1, then after its saved i set it to video direct stream copy and then go to file and save as an avi which i name t1 again, after this i open the t1 avi then go back to streams and streams list again notice there is no audio streams, then i click add and add my audio stream i ripped earlier labeled t1 and hit ok, then once again i click video and check to make sure direct stream is selected, then file save as avi once again and bam you got your audio with your video! Hope this helps! reply


I have VirtualDubMod, and everything works, but whenever I save it into avi, it takes up nearly a hundred gigs!! What is happening?? Did I do something wrong? reply


i got nero 7 and santa for free.. if u guys wana now how email me n ill teach u.. im a serious freeloader.. reply


can I play a partially downloaded mkv file (through bittorrent) on core media player. if yes, mine doesn’t cos it says that the first string is not a EBML entity.if no why not. Please reply reply


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