how do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

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im trying to convert an mkv movie (FF7 Advent Children) into avi. But there are two streams: the audio track and the subtitles. When i click stream list they are already both there. so if i save the file as avi will i keep the subtitles during the conversion to avi? or will they disappear when i play the movie? reply



oh man. i really dont get it. i tried with avi mux but when i set every thing, right, and click start, it asks me to save in .mkv format...i don’t care about saving it in mkv, the original file is mkv so i already have it. What i want to know is how to convert my mkv movie with ssa (s-text) subtitles into an avi file...

can somebody give me a clear explanation on how to do that, please? reply


here is the window i get when i click on start. as you can see the only type of file i can create is mkv, which is totally useless for me...
how come i cant make an avi file even if the default ouput file type is avi? reply


Hello, does anyone know if you can extract the subtitles out of the mkv file? So that when you burn it to dvd, you can actually choose to turn the subtitles on and off. Say for example if you have a foreign movie, it would just be like having a high quality vcd if you convert it to avi with subtitles still there. reply



Hey FFVII AC n44b, do you just want to convert your mkv to avi with subtitles? if that’s just it, then look for open video converter. it’s really simple to use reply


@ FFVII AC n44b :

If avi-mux GUI will only allow MKV as output format, then your MKV contains streams that AVI can’t take. I assume its a vobsub subtitles stream, extracted from a DVD.

Don’t forget, MKV was created to overcome limitations of AVI. One of these limitations is that AVI can not hold vobsub subtitles, but MKV can.

If you’d tell me why at all you want to convert this MKV to AVI, i could help you better. If its for converting the file to a DVD or S-VCD, there are definitely better ways than trying to convert it to AVI first (read the complete thread above).

If its for your standalone, which only works with AVIs, sell that crap on ebay and build yourself an HTPC. Pretty soon none of the movies you can download from anywhere will play on it anyhow.

matroska project admin reply

lol i dont know what an htpc is and if it is what i think it is (high end PC?), its probably something i would have to sell my balls to get, cause i am downright poor.

anyways yes it is to make a DVD. the point is i can play it fine on my pc, since i dled the codecs i neeeded (mkv pack, and sld for subtitles), but id liek to play it on the living room DVD player.

and for the future obsolescence of my PC, i know that right now everybody (meaning fansubs) is switching to h264, but i could always download codecs (if that’s hwo it works, i’m not knowledgeable technically) reply



Roger on my file being a h.264 High-def 780p burn. It is as crystal clear as you would expect any high-def file to be, and it irks me that the damn thing won’t play. I dl’ed the trial version of DVD Santa, and once again got nowhere. It seems that it will not open .mp4 files either. Sucks to be me again I guess.

I’m still open to any ones suggestions, guesses or even witchcraft ideas. I might have to draw the limit at Voodoo though. reply


@ iggywatt

Try this here :

TCPMP, The Core Pocket Mediaplayer is the most used media player software for PocketPCs and PalmOS currently. Picard, its main develope, added AVC / h.264 support to it recently, and with a new decoder written from scratch being up to 2x - 3x faster than FFMPEG (which is the basis for VLC, mplayer, Xine and also FFDshow).

There is a win32 build of it for Desktop PCs, and its said to be still a lot faster than FFMPEG. It has great MKV support, so your file should play out of the box. In addition to that, the corecodec dev team are now working on a DirectShow filter based on this decoder, so maybe in near future you can even play your file in any DShow player (like WMP, Zoomplayer, BSplayer, MPC, TCMP) ... let’s wait and see.

@ FFVII AC n44b

HTPC stands for 'Home Theater PC'. They are usually built around barebones like the Shuttle or the MSI Mega barebones (i will sell my MEGA 180 soon, i hate it because it got a buggy mainboard and is thermally unstable, and get a shuttle instead). Microsoft even released a special Windows version for HTPC’s , the Media Edition.

Still, most people will run them on Linux kernels for performance and stability reasons.

Sorry that the conversion with DVD Santa 4 will not work for you, it should work fine if you can play the file in WMP 6.4 (mplayer2.exe) or in Graphedit.exe , as it will use DirectShow to render the source files to its encoder engine.

matroska project admin reply

when i try to open the .mkv with virtualdubmod tis message came out.

“birtual block not handled”

i can’t open the .mkv file
can anyone tell me wat’s wrong with it?


Its only the one file that does it the rest were fine when I did them.
Its annoying, can anyone help me please? reply


hey why doesn’t anyone answer me? chris? reply


I will never understand why people use such crappy non-standard file formats. VirtuaDubMod gives me an Integer Division error when I go to save as AVI. I’ll try DVD Santa but hey, why the hell is MKV even used in the first place? What a pain in the arse!

“Standards are good, that’s why there’s so many of them." - Anon

Atomicat reply


Hi everybody.
Please help me.
I’me a beginner, working with video files.
I have a film, in several files and formats and I want to record it to DVD with my language legends.
How can I do that? And, wich files must I use to do that: images + sound + legends.
Thanks a lot.
Jama reply


What the f... with people. Why to create this .mkv if nobody can use it?
.avi is not enough for them?
Idiots. reply


lol reply


Бля, такой фильм запароли с этой матрешкой :( reply



:( reply


@ fuck .mkv

What the f... with people. Why to create this .mkv if nobody can use it? .avi is not enough for them? Idiots.

AVI is a pile of crap, and even worse its crap made by M$, abandoned and unmaintained.
It was never ever ment to become a file distribution standard, actually it only ever came there because of DivX ripping the M$ MPEG4V3 codec and relasing it as DivX 3.11a, as a VCM codec for storing files into AVI. This compression was so superior to other known formats, especially in combination with MP3, that it soon was widely used.

Calling MKV not necessary is just a proof that you are actually having no clue about video compression at all. You’re just a stupid leecher, expressing your anger that people arent releasing their movies in a format thats more covenient for you to handle.

What a d0rk ....

matroska project admin reply

i am actually converting mkv files to avi using virtualdubmod and i can also get subtitles and save them as .srt files (streams>stream list)... reply


@ finterflu :

i am actually converting mkv files to avi using virtualdubmod and i can also get subtitles and save them as .srt files (streams>stream list)...

finterflu, VirtualdubMod will only work for a very limited number of MKV files today, it can’t handle most of the newer files. Latest version,, is even broken when creating MKV files.

matroska project admin reply

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