how do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

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i have a .mkv file that I want to burn to DVD. I have been able to do this with .avi, mov, and mpg files....but i cant do it with .mkv. Any suggestions? reply


Since matroska (mkv) is a rather exotic format, you will have to do the conversion in two steps. First you’ll have to convert the file to avi, then from there you can do your dvd authoring.
For mkv the conversion tool of choice is virtualdubmod (not to be confused with plain old virtualdub).
Once you open your file in virtualdubmod, pick direct stream copy for both audio and video (if it allows it) and save as an avi (that way you don’t have to do any recompression). reply

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I am having the same “problem” but will definately try virtualdubmod. But I have another burning question for Ciottia: You wrote that you don’t have a problem with Mov files burning to a DVD. Can you please tell me how you do that than because I’m trying and surfing the Internet for weeks now but havent found the right software yet. Even better if you have an solution to convert it to an AVI file. reply

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Use a prog like Isobuster to ectract them to the desktop. Then use a burning app like Nero, drag the files and burn them. reply



this is to the reguards of the mov to dvd.

IT would be simplest to use winAVI to convert you .mov into any mpeg... any file other than mpeg will only work on certain “exclusive” dvd players.

so if you did not buy a dvd player that said it could play avis and so on the box.... then you will need to encode into mpeg.

winAvi encodes very quickly (i.e. 1.3gig avi to mpeg in less than 45 min) reply


for some reason i dont have audio when i do this virtualdubmod thing. i dont get an option to data stream copy the audio for some reason. can someone help me out here? reply


i meant direct stream copy. sorry i was distracted by something. me aint very learned. i failed inglish at skool. reply



I have the same problem - no if anyone know plz help or email me...thx in advance reply


All you hae to do is go under streams, then click stream list. Next, right-click the stream you want to put into AVI, then click Full Processing Mode. Right click again, then click on the compression button. choose your compression, PCM works with EVERYTHING, but I usually choose MP3. reply


u can use HT Mpeg Encoder 7 which you can download a 15 day trial you van find this if you seach in google. this will convert any file into mpeg1 mpeg2 avi and wma i am now having a problem with mkv files as the one i want to turn into mpeg has 2 audio fomats. The defalt one is spanish and i want english which is the second audio stream and when i put it into the mepeg encoder it does it with the wrong audio can anyone help me? reply


i’ve dl.ed the virtualdubmod to convert .mkv to .avi
but when i try to open the .mkv with virtualdubmod tis message came out.

“birtual block not handled”

i can’t open the .mkv file
can anyone tell me wat’s wrong with it?

thx. reply


i still have problems with getting sound added to movie, when i’m converting it from .mkv to .avi...

i did what Lockblade advised but still, no sound! could someone please give step by step instructions so that i could get my movies working! Thanks! reply


Hi Marie,
Just fyi, all the steps that you need to follow can be found on:

Just make sure you download Lame MP3 ACM (also through above website) and that when you split the audio you save it as MP3, else it wont work. I have just done it for a file and works great!
Good luck! reply


for some wierd reason, when i try to open my MKV file in virtualdubmod, it crashes. EVERY TIME!!!! can someone pleaaaassseeee help me? reply


I just downloaded virtualdubmod and when I try to “open” an mkv file I keep getting an error message that says “birtual block not handled”
any advice?
mags reply


I have a complete series all mkv files. If I were to convert them to say avi or mpeg, file size range 170,000kb to 240,000kb, would they fit on a dvd and how many roughly could I fit on the dvd? reply



A DVD can hold ~4,480 kbytes of data. Or roughly 19 230 MB files. But if you’re planning on converting those files so that they can be played on a DVD player then it’s best to use mintues instead of bytes. It also depends on your bitrate. In general, a decent looking DVD converted from an avi/ogm/mkv will run 2 hours tops.

Apropos, I use WinAVI to convert video files (avi, ogm, mkv) to DVD. It even works with VFR mkv.

Keivz reply


once you have a basic movie file mpeg/mpg/avi whatever, you can use WinAvi to reformat several shows into one small dvd file, and then run that file through DvdShrink

I have fit 3 hours or roughly 10gigs onto one disk,dvd shrink will reencode to make it exactly 4.7 Gigs,then from there burn with nero.

takes roughly 30 min per hour of video for WinAvi, and 30-45 min for Dvdshrink,10-15 for Nero reply


download the matroska codec pack

get media player classic.....also called real alternative

with the codec pack...tmpgenc will open & convert reply


OK, here are the programs you will need. This the process I use to guarantee speed and accuracy of the right audio tracks. If you only have one audio track, then I think jam’s advice will work (sorry, haven’t confirmed it yet)

MKV Codec (
WinAMP (
- BTW, WinAMP should have AAC encoding/decoding built in by now. If not, find a AAC plugin for winwmp and install it... is where I got mine.

- This is the extractor/creator tool (sorry, have to extract using a DOS window). Read the extract.html file under docs, very well written.

TMPGEnc or similar.

OK, read the extract.html for mkvtoolnix to know how to use the mkvmerge and mkvextract commands. You’ll need the mkvmerge to determine the order of the video, audio, and subtitle tracks. Usually, there are 2 audio tracks so you’ll have to extract both, then listen to them to determine which of the two you want.

OK, extract the video as an .avi and the audio tracts as .m4a

Now open WinAMP, click on options, then preferences. Under the 'Plug-ins' section, select 'Output' then select 'Nullsoft Diskwriter plug-in' and then Configure.

Uncheck everything, select your output directory, and select 'Force WAV file' under 'Output file mode'. Click OK.

Close the plugin window.

Now click 'File', 'Play File', and select the .m4a file.

You should not hear any sound, the file should process rather quickly and you should have a .wav file in the location you choose earlier.

Repeat the Play File step for as many .m4a files you have. You may have to shut down WinAmp and start it back up each time.

After that, you can use TMPGEnc or similar program to rejoin the audio with video. Remember, you can only join one audio tract with the video so make sure you choose the right one.

Once converted, you can use whatever DVD creation software you want to burn to DVD. reply


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