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Hi can you please tell me which is the best movie format to download once I find a movie? this has got me confussed. I have an AVS Video Converter,
is this the right one to use? or is there something better? thanks a bunch. reply


Yes, you are confused.

You mean to convert into.....Right?

If so, I use the film’s original size, and ratio.

Other than that, I modify everything else.

Audio becomes AAC, 192Kb/s

Video becomes AVC (H264), 29.970 FPS (Frames Per Second), NTSC regional settings, and 800Kb/s.

The lower Kb/s keeps the file size down. I’ve had films lose 0.52Gb or about 520Mb of space just by doing this.

I use the .mkv container as it’s the best to date.

It’s easily modifiable, subtitles don’t need to be hard-coded like an .avi file, chapters and menus can be used. More than 1 audio file can be used. So, you can have multiple languages if you require them. It’s the all around best...

So, I use very expensive software most of the time.

Software for converting to .aac and .264 is MainConcept Reference. I’m sure there are alternative and illegal means of finding the program free of charge.

As for the muxing program, I use a free program here called MKVToolnix. reply


I think you should download the utorrent of the movie, it is more fast than download the movie directly. You can follow this link to learn how to download free torrent movie, and then burn the movie to DVD. reply


you can try use E.M. HD Video Converter
it can “Converting all videos to HD Video
Convert video and AVCHD to DVD, DivX DVD
Create Blu-ray Folder for PS3 and Blu-ray Player”
easy to use
so you can free download it from here:
or just visit here to know more information about it reply



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