help needed!

hi all.

i’ve read the topics on .bin files etc and have done all that using magicISO absolutley fine. got SWAT 4 onto 2 disks and have installed it no probs, but when i come to run the game it tells me to put the original disk in.. neither disk works...

anyone got any idea of how to solve it? reply


dunno if this will help but when i d/led the game there were 2 .bin files that were the bulk of the d/ling, but there were 2 .cue files that magicISO doesn’t pick up (i.e. i havent written them to cd) that are tiny, like 78Kb each.

dunno if i need to do something to these 2.. :s

thanks in advance reply


You’re on the wrong track, by finnishing the installation you don’t need to know about the files you mentioned all you have to do now is get the crack for the game, it’s in cd1 or cd2 looks exactly like the one for the game on your desktop. Use the crack to replace the original located in program files - your game etc. reply


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