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I used DVD Decrypter to write files but when i try to open them in DVDX Platinum & i click on the folder it doesnt open
I do i use DVDX Platinum

Please give me the steps to copy a copywrited DVD i own.
Thanks reply


I owned alot of DVD(Original)n I don’t need 2 do any backup @ all. Ur lie reveal ur true crime. Lucky 4 U I am not an Anti Piracy Tracker..or otherwise U R broke n behind bars.

It is a handicap if you’re minor defect, but not if you are intelligent retard. reply

I have DVD X PLATINUM and it’s pretty dam easy, I’ll give you a hint....SIMPLE... Click on it. Oh and ARTSYFARTSY, Pull the fuck’n stick outa your ass! He didn’t say he was doing any thing wrong so maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, This forum isn’t for that kinda shit. I use copy programs like this one for legit reasons.Speaking of legit reasons, I use the name bandit because it was my dog/best friends name, Whars up with artsyfartsy PLEASE tell us. Sorry that was off topic, Check out my tread on the main page, There maybe more advise on this topic as I’m pretty new to this myself. And thats ok artsyfartsy!! reply


@ bandit. In responding 2 ur 1st question..Yes..I got my own stick stucked in my S b cause it’s too long. U can’t fuck ur S with ur dick s it is too short. N finally..U R a just a NOVICE when it come 2 CRIME(Pirate DVD Ripping/Copying) Real xperts don’t used Pussy program/software like DVD-X Platinum. U only rip/Copy DVD’s with ur pussy software 4 ur own use where else hard core makes money.
PS: Why don’t U start 2 make a copy of 'The Net 2.0 movie or all movies from Sony’s with ur pussy DVD-X platinum? reply



dvd shrink (free)DL reply


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