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We have just brought a new computer with a sony dvd rw dw-u18a burner. The problem that we have is it will burn dvds properly until the last 30 minutes. We have tried Nero, and clone dvd but the same problem is still happening. Would it have anything to do with the dvds that we are writing onto or the fact that our burner is a single layer??????
this is the first time that we have had anything to do with this sort of stuff. It will however rrecord cd’s all right. Any suggestions??? reply

Do you mean copy a DVD disc, if so use a prog such as DVDshrink. A DVD contains more data than your single layer dvd discs can hold hence needing to shrink the data to fit.
If its data that you put together under 4.7gigs, fuck knows. reply


Just tried dvd shrink with no success encoded properly and went through the burning process at the end came up that it was unseccessful. Any other suggestions???? Or what other burning program might help? reply


OK here’s what i do, I have chosen these programs out of the dozens available on the net and I’ve chosen these programs because of there simplicity of use and general results.

Burning/Ripping DVD video disks

Decrypt - http://www.dvddecrypter.com/

It’s dead easy to use and takes about 30 Min’s to rip a DVD. And when I mean dead easy to use I mean it

The I convert the .vob files to .avi

I use Auto GK - http://len0x.btothec.com/web3/

This takes a long time about 4 hours per disk (depending on what quality you want to convert the files at) but I feel that this is a small price to pay because the quality is so good and the program is so easy to use.

Then I convert the .avi file I created with Auto GK to a .vob file this is quick about 50 Min’s for a 1.5gig .avi file.

I choose to convert the .avi film to .vob simply because it takes an age to burn .avi files to DVD if you do this it takes about 50 minuets as apose to 2 or 3 hours.

Burning the DVD, I use Nero vision express no other reason really other than I use Nero for pretty much every thing else so it seemed logical, to me anyway but if anybody has any suggestions on a better DVD burner I’d be happy to take suggestions

I know that some of you will be thinking that he’s talking shite and “I know a better way of doing things”, please try to bare in mind I have written this post for beginners that are new to burning DVDs, like myself and out of all the programs I have used these are the best to if you cant be arsed to read the help and read me files.


I hope my last post helps if you need any more advice please feel free to e-mail me at

themanfromuncle@tiscali.co.uk reply


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