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I burned a dvd screener Mr. and Mrs. Smith,the dvd will play on the pc fine but when i put it in my stand alone player it tells me “Playback prohibited by area limitations” So i got in my dvd manual to see what that meant and it has to do with region code. My dvd player is a Region 1. The manual also says “Depending on the DVD, no region code indication may be labeled even though playing the DVD is prohibited by area restrictions."

I have burned many dvd’s and I have two movies that I have burned that is telling me that on my dvd player. The files are in dvd format (vob.) and ready to burn.

What do I do or what do I need to burn these files to play on my stand alone player. I have researched for three days and have not found any help so any suggestions would be appreciated.

One more thing It is a Sony DVD Player. I have three players that I tried the dvd disk on and the software I’ve tried is DVD Santa, DivxtoDvd, and Dvd Decrypter. reply

Sorry I think I posted in the wrong section. reply


Since U said that U have 3 DVD players @ home, then U make either any 1 of them 2 become region free by programming with the remote controll. Here is the link. (Just select the model of the DVD player that U have)
N s 4 the VOB files..U can bbq them in Nero under make DVD compilation. reply

Could only find one of my dvd players on your link, and I didnt have any luck reply


If U couldn’t find any of ur DVD players then..there ain’t any avaliable. U can chips ur DVD player 2 region free if U want but its gonna cost around in between 20 buck n up depending on makes n models. (Outlets that used 2 chips console like ps2 n x box) reply

Try this link s well.
http://www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk/info/multiregion/hackable.asp reply

I found the problem the movie was pal I converted it to ntsc with vobblanker and it works fine. thanks for the help reply


try pressing 9999 when you put the dvd in reply


When I burn a dvd, it will play back in color on computer, but will only play in black and white in my stand alone dvd. I’ve burned tons of movies and they all played on the stand alone. This just started. I bought a new burner and burning program, and still...black and white. Any ideas?
Suzie reply


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